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Tilther XT | Johnny's Selected Seeds

This is the Tilther XT. Completely redesigned for 2024, the XT puts extra torque and full control at your fingertips. With a pull of the trigger, the Tilther XT direct gear drive instantly powers the tines to work the top two inches of soil mixing in compost, amendments and fine crop residues to create perfect tilth with minimal tillage. The Tilther XT allows you to quickly turn over beds for your next succession.

By upgrading to a direct gear drive design, we moved the position of the drill to the right side of the Tilther XT head, making it easier to install, access and adjust. The gear drive has replaced the chain drive for better responsiveness with fewer moving parts.

We have not overlooked comfort in our pursuit of better power and efficiency.
  • The grip area of the full-length ash handles has been reshaped for a more comfortable feel in the hand.
  • The alloy trigger is contoured to match the shape of the handles.
  • A padded crossbar is positioned to fit on the shoulder when transporting.
  • And a convenient grab handle makes it easier to maneuver or reposition around the bed.
  • The height of the handles can be adjusted up or down to better conform to the user.

Built from precision aluminum alloy castings, steel and American white ash hardwood, this next generation remains true to its heritage and is built for long-term dependability.

Experience the new standard in performance with the Tilther XT.

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