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Video: Connecta® Interchangeable Tool System from Johnny's Selected Seeds

Introducing the Connecta® Interchangeable Tool System

With Jen Goff, Johnny's Tools & Supplies Product Manager

The Connecta allows you to choose the right tool for the job and switch between different tool heads quickly with a simple, push-button release.

Built for years of use on the market farm, the tool heads and receiver are made from professional-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, including stainless steel and cast aluminum alloy.

The handle is made from our signature Maine-made, sustainably harvested ash wood.

We're introducing the Connecta in 2 different head options — also available in kits — so you can choose the heads that best work for you in your farm and garden.


With the Collinear Hoe Heads, which are used to precisely cut small weeds off at the ground level, the unique angle of the collinear hoe allows you to work from an upright, ergonomic position.

They are available in 2 widths, for working between crops based at 4" and 7" apart.


We also have the Contour Wire Hoe Heads, made from an 11-gauge stainless steel wire.

They are perfect for gently and effectively targeting thread-stage weeds right up to the crop stems, without damage.

The low-profile head is perfect for working in low-growing crops like lettuce, and the contoured shape provides added strength.

These are also available in 2 widths, for working between crops spaced at 4" and 6" apart.

The Connecta System is durable yet lightweight, allowing you to efficiently carry multiple tools with you into the field or greenhouse on a stainless-steel carrying clip.

After use you can easily remove dirt and debris from the Connecta receiver, and it can even be taken apart, if needed, for a more thorough cleaning.

Johnny's patent-pending Connecta® Interchangeable Tool System is the result of years of planning and trialing.

With the help of tool experts in the small-scale farming space as well as years of feedback from growers, we evolved the interchangeable tool concept — that dates back over a hundred years ago — into an essential system that will reliably withstand the demands of market farming.

The Connecta Tool is a durable, rigorously tested, professional-quality system designed for diversified market growers and avid home gardeners — and backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We hope you enjoy using it as much as we do!