Use Johnny's Brussels Sprouts Planting–Harvesting Program to expand your Brussels sprouts harvesting window, with varieties that mature from earliest to mid to latest possible seasonal yield.
Learn how to grow Brussels sprouts from seed, indoors or direct-sowing, including pest and disease control, whole-stem harvesting, storage, topping, and marketing.
Plant several varieties of Brussels sprouts with different maturity dates at the same time, and harvest in succession. The less cold-hardy Brussels sprouts varieties are faster-growing, and the more cold-hardy Brussels sprouts varieties are slower-growing. Each variety will mature in its appropriate season from a spring planting. Growers in regions with a long growing season can typically make more plantings of Diablo, the variety with the longest days to maturity. Variety and Harvest Slot Part # Variety Days to Maturity Harvest Window 3271 Hestia (F1) 93 Early (September) 3633G/3633 Dagan (F1) 100 MidEarly (October) 2421 Diablo (F1) 110 MidLate
Follow the recommendations provided in this tech sheet for successful production of Brussels sprouts (Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera). Includes information on site selection, fertility, sowing and transplanting, topping, pest and disease control, harvesting, and storage.