Follow the instructions in this tech sheet for succession Belgian endive production. Details include site selection and soil preparation, sowing, harvesting, overwintering and seasoning the roots, forcing of chicons, and harvesting.
Follow the instructions in this tech sheet for successful production of radicchio and sugarloaf types of the chicory species, Cichorium intybus. Information includes general culture as well as more specific recommendations on thermal dormancy, soil preparation and care, indoor sowing for transplanting as well as direct sowing, harvesting and storage.
Learn about our planting and harvesting programs, which varieties to plant and harvest and when, based on days to maturity and seasonal planting and harvesting slots. Planting programs help you ensure highest quality and yield across the widest possible window to your markets.
Learning resources for our webinar on Baby Leaf Greens: 12 Picks for Market Growers. Johnny's baby-leaf greens product manager & trialing technician weigh in on their 12 favorite varieties from our extensive line of baby leaf greens.
A crop-by-crop guide to the best types and varieties of vegetables for winter growing success, ranked by level of difficulty in winter production, from the research team at Johnny's Selected Seeds.