Follow these recommendations for successful selection, sowing, and cultural production of baby-leaf leafy crops to be harvested as greens or salad mix components. Techniques are specific to baby leaf production for harvest at this maturity stage. This tech sheet outlines basic small-scale field production methods and primary aspects of producing a wide range of leafy salad greens.
Browse our complete selection of lettuce and greens varieties trialed and selected specifically for successful baby leaf production.
Follow the instructions in Johnny's Salanova Lettuce Tech Sheet for successful production; includes detailed information on culture, thermal dormancy, transplanting, direct seeding, harvesting, and post-harvest handling.
A summary of the advantages of growing mini versus full-sized head lettuces, with a quick look at the numbers for comparing return on investment for full head lettuces and mini head lettuces.
Printable, 2-pp insert featuring new one-cut lettuce varieties from Johnny's Selected Seeds, and background information on how we trial and select our one-cut lettuces for performance in harvest window, quality, leaf size, texture, flavor, habit, ease of harvesting, consistency, uniformity, visual appeal, disease resistance, and adaptable performance.
Learn about our planting and harvesting programs, which varieties to plant and harvest and when, based on days to maturity and seasonal planting and harvesting slots. Planting programs help you ensure highest quality and yield across the widest possible window to your markets.
Printable, 2-pp insert featuring Salad Mixes and Microgreens Mixes from Johnny's Selected Seeds.
The Salanova Cutter Tool is uniquely designed for one-cut lettuce. The tool is used when processing full heads of the Cored type of Salanova into salad mix, and is not needed for the Incised type...
Specifications for Salanova lettuce varieties from Johnny's: improved efficiency, yield per area, stress tolerance, field holding, shelf-life, and ROI.
A slide deck recap of our Lettuce & Greens for Southern Growers Webinar. Topics: • Johnny’s Trial Farm • Solutions for Heat-Related Issues • Common Problems • Production Systems • Tools & Supplies • Variety Selection for the Heat • Environmental Preferences • Heat-Adapted Types • Proven Performers • Specialty Greens • Trial Report: University of Georgia • Acknowledgements & Resources
Learning resources for our webinar on Baby Leaf Greens: 12 Picks for Market Growers. Johnny's baby-leaf greens product manager & trialing technician weigh in on their 12 favorite varieties from our extensive line of baby leaf greens.
A learning resource page for our webinar on growing lettuce and greens in high heat, presented by our territory sales reps for Southern growers, covering solutions for heat-related greens production, including proven performers in high-heat areas.