Follow the instructions in this Tech Sheet for successful production of 'Forum' onions from sets. Fill the gap between last year's storage onions and this year's seed-grown onions, producing a useable crop as early as the first weeks of July.
A full-color, downloadable, printable (PDF) version of our Full-Size Onion Comparison Chart.
Follow the instructions in this Tech Sheet for growing live onion (Allium cepa) and/or leek (Allium porrum) plants. Remove your plants from their box and plant as soon as possible. The plants may appear dry, but this is normal, as they are dormant. If you cannot plant immediately, store in a cool, dry place....
'Blush' is a unique, pink, long-day onion similar to the Italian heirloom, 'Rossa di Milano,' but with 4 distinct qualities that compel us to offer it in the Johnny’s catalog.