Claytonia - Key Growing Information

Claytonia plants, being harvested; an excellent crop for four-season growing.
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Claytonia perfoliata
CULTURE: Also known as "Miner's Lettuce".
DIRECT SEEDING (recommended): Sow any time midspring through late summer. For baby leaf: Sow 3–5 seeds/inch in rows at least 2" apart. For production of rosettes: Sow seeds 1/2" apart, in rows 4–6" apart, covering 1/4". Thin to 4–6" apart.
TRANSPLANTING: Sow 4–5 seeds per 1–2" cell container. NOTE: Claytonia does not tolerate having its roots damaged during transplanting. Thin to 2 plants per cell. In about 4–5 weeks, when roots have filled the cell, gently transplant out about 8" apart.
HARVEST: For cut-and-come-again baby leaf: Cut the leaves above the basal plate. For rosettes: Harvest below the basal plate. The plant will continue to branch, adding more volume to the rosettes and culminating in the production of delicate flowers, which appear to emerge from the heart of the leaf.
SEED SPECS: SEEDS/OZ.: Avg. 46,900 seeds.
PACKET: 500 seeds, sows 20'.