Mâche / Corn Salad - Key Growing Information

A planting of mâche in the early spring rains, known for the sweet, nutty flavor of its leaves in salads.
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Valerianella locusta
CULTURE: Mache, also known as "corn salad" or "lamb's lettuce," grows well in cool or mild weather conditions. Mache can be planted anytime soil temperatures range from 41–68°F (5-20°C). Do not sow if soil temperatures have exceeded 68°F (20°C). At temperatures greater than 70°F (21°C) the seed will go dormant. In northern latitudes mache can be grown year-round utilizing open field, cold greenhouse, and high tunnel systems. In southern areas mache is adapted for open-field winter production. Mache germinates slowly in 10–14 days.
DIRECT SEEDING: Sow 1" apart in rows 4–18" apart. Thin to 3".
HARVEST: Cut young rosettes (entire plants) at the root attachment when 2–3" tall. Mache can be used alone, or as a component of a salad mix.
AVG. DIRECT SEEDING RATE: 750'/oz., 5 1/4 lb./acre at 36 seeds/ft. in rows 12" apart. Up to double this rate is often used.
SEED SPECS: SEEDS/OZ.: Avg. 17,000.
PACKET: 500 seeds sows 16' at 30 seeds/ft.