Purslane - Key Growing Information

A close-up of purslane plants; the leaves of this succulent, sprawling, annual herb are juicy, tangy, and eaten raw in salads.
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Portulaca oleracea sativa
CULTURE: Plant after last frost, as purslane is sensitive to hard frost.
DIRECT SEEDING: For baby leaf: Sow 1-2 seeds/in. in rows at least 2" apart. For full-size production: Sow about 1/2" apart, 1/4" deep. Thin to 4-6" apart.
TRANSPLANTING: Sow 3-4 seeds per 1" cell-type container or pot in midspring. Cover with 1/8" of soil. Thin to 2 plants per cell. After last frost, transplant to the garden about 8" apart, using care not to damage the roots.
HARVEST: Pick as needed to within 2" of their bases. New stems and leaves will re-grow continually for several weeks.
DISEASE: Prevent disease with crop rotation and sanitation.
SEED SPECS: SEEDS/OZ.: Avg. 63,900 seeds.
PACKET: 500 seeds, sows 20'.