Video: 'Rainbow Sprinkles' MicroMix | Exclusively from Johnny's

R&D Microgreens Trialing Technician Rachel Katz covers the key characteristics of this pretty, colorful, mild-flavored beet & chard mix — exclusively from Johnny's Selected Seeds.

Hi! Today we're going to talk about the beet and chard microgreen mix called 'Rainblow Sprinkles. Here it is.

It's a really fun mix, with a lot of color. The stems are different colors — we've got red and orange and yellow and pink, light pink, dark pink — a lot of different colors. And then, also blended in are varieties that have red leaves. So it makes a really nice and exciting mix!

It has a really mild flavor.

It takes a few more days to reach maturity than the Brassica mixes. It requires more like 15-20 days — depending on  the weather (ie, growing conditions that include light and temperature, among other variables).

The varieties in this mix were chosen for even germination and similar days to maturity, so that you can be sure that your flat will grow uniformly and be harvestable all at the same time.

And then, because beet and chard seed is so unusually shaped, you want to make sure you have good soil contact. So I like to really press it into the soil with my hands, and then make sure I cover it with vermiculite — or you could cover it with another light layer of soil — just to make sure that you have even moisture on the seed, to ensure good germination.

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