Video: 'Confetti Radish' Micro Mix | Exclusively from Johnny's

Hello! Today we're going to be talking about the 'Confetti Radish' Microgreen Mix.

This is a really great mix. Why?

  • One of the reasons it's so great is because it's very fast growing. Radishes are some of the fastest-growing microgreens, and this mix is our fastest growing microgreen mix. It's about 7–10 days to maturity under cool fall growing conditions. So it can be even faster in the summer, or depending on the weather.
  • It is a high-yielding mix. You can see it has these nice big, bulky cotyledons. It's really lofty in a bag or in a clamshell.
  • Also, because radish seed is relatively inexpensive to produce, it's a pretty inexpensive mix, which makes it a good choice.
  • It also has a nice, mildly spicy flavor that's a good addition to any salad or soup or sandwich that you're going to add it to. [GROWER TIP: One thing you want to be careful of is, you want to make sure you harvest it before the true leaves emerge, before they get too big. They can be a little bit hairy and unpleasing to the mouth.]
  • For this particular mix, the components were chosen for even days to maturity, so they all mature right around the same time.
  • And, they have really bright colors. We made sure to choose the ones that would have the brightest contrast. So I'm going to cut some here, so you can see what I mean. And it has these beautiful bright pink and bright purple stems, compared to the purple and green leaves. And you can see also how nice and lofty it is.