Learn more about our classical plant breeding program, and how the award-winning vegetable varieties are created and brought to life at Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Johnny's small diversified farming and avid home-gardening customers add their voices to those of call center and quality assurance staff, to share their views on the commitment behind Johnny's award-winning customer service.
Here's the story behind the development of 'Cherry Bomb,' our late-blight-resistant, JSS-bred cherry x grape tomato for organic field production.
Nothing goes in our catalog or out our door until it's field-tested or trialed at Johnny's Research Farm or at one of our farmer-cooperator's across the country.
Take a fun, behind-the-scenes look at our same-shipping process, from the Operations Team at Johnny's Selected Seeds.
“ The Tilther is the tool that always needed to happen. ” — Eliot Coleman, Tools Advisor to Johnny's Selected Seeds since 1999.
Introducing just 10 of over 200 new products for 2022. Fresh flavors, trending colors, and unique textures, plus superlative field qualities for the busy grower or gardener.
Introducing just 10 of our many new flowers for 2022. Here's a look at some of our latest favorites.
Introducing 10 of our favorite new organic selections for you in 2022, improvements on old classics and selected innovative up-and-comers.
An engaging, 80-minute webinar introducing our R&D product team's favorites from over 100 new introductions to our offerings for 2022.
An in-depth look at how we process our 'Washington Cherry' tomato seed at Johnny's Research Farm in Albion, Maine. We give a step-by-step account of how the process works.
This 10-minute film gives a brief overview of Johnny's Selected Seeds: our philosophy, customer service, plant breeding, 50-year history, 100% employee ownership, research and development, marketing, and international sales. Features interviews with Johnny's Chairman and Founder, Rob Johnston, Jr. (retired), Eliot Coleman, Johnny's customers and employees.