Video: New-for-2022 | Johnny's Webinar Series

You may have read that every item we offer is carefully trialed for performance and reliability — some for several years — before we're satisfied and add it to our lineup. Always has been, and always will be so.

Because we could never convey in a few short sentences, in product descriptions on the website or in the catalog, all the factors we weigh when selecting a single, specific variety or tool before it joins Johnny's product assortment, and with the recent introduction of over 100 New-for-2022 products, Johnny's R&D Product Managers got together to share some more of the insider info they've acquired about our New-for-2022 varieties and tools before they were advanced down the product pipeline, to help you make well-informed growing choices.

Here's the full 80-minute webinar video on the best new introductions for 2022 from Johnny's R&D team, as well as their answers to some great questions received from our audience. We hope you enjoy learning what's new — and perhaps why some of our selections are worth consideration for a spot in your own upcoming growing plans.