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Written by our research team, this reference contains the essential information for growing STOCK flowers from seed. Read more for a successful harvest!
Written by our research team, this reference contains the essential information for growing rootstock tomatoes. Read more for a successful harvest!
Follow the detailed recommendations in this Tech Sheet for successful production of stock flowers (Matthiola incana), from Site Selection and Culture to How to Select and Prepare Seedlings for Double-Flowered vs. Single-Flowered Blooms, Transplanting, Pinching, Pests and Diseases, and Harvesting, from the Flower Research Team at Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Get a tour of our late-winter/spring-sown stock trials, with variety recommendations and tips for successful early-spring production, from the research team at Johnny's.
Follow the recommendations in this Tech Sheet for best results with germination of 'Maxifort,’ an interspecific tomato cross — the product of traditional plant breeding crosses between a domesticated tomato parent and a wild tomato parent. To improve germination rate and uniformity, we recommend careful consideration of the measures we have outlined here.
Johnny's is 100% employee-owned. Learn more about our employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) and what it means to you as a grower.
Learn why not all pea seed is created equal by reading the Story of 'Sugar Ann' Snap Pea at Johnny's Selected Seeds. Not only are there differences between pea varieties, even seed lots of the same pea variety can vary widely in quality, depending on how the seed crop is grown and managed. To achieve uniformity, or purity, of the seed lot, one must start with a high-quality, uniform batch of seeds — or, as we say in the seed industry, "stock seeds" — to grow the seed crop to a workable size. And, one must also maintain this quality over time. Here's how we do it...
A slideshow recap of Johnny's Fundamentals of Tomato Grafting Webinar. Topics: • Why graft? • Rootstock selection • Demo: How to top-graft • Healing protocol • Grower experiences • ADDITIONAL RESOURCES
Follow the steps in this Tech Sheet for best results with top-grafting greenhouse cucumbers onto an interspecific squash cross rootstock to reach earlier harvests, improve plant health and stress tolerance, and increase net income.
Shop our limited quantities, recommended substitutes, and replacement varieties. Stock up now while supplies last, and obtain recommended replacements and substitutes for discontinued varieties while available.
Here are Lisa Ziegler's 5 recommended "Cool Flowers" — cold-tolerant hardy annuals for overwintering and shoulder-season growing for the earliest possible blooms in spring.
Learn about Johnny's 'Hungarian Hot Wax' stewardship project, to: 1) restore the best qualities of a long-cherished open-pollinated (OP) variety; 2) maintain a foundation stock of the improved strain; and 3) offer growers dependable seed, once and for all.