Growing heirloom tomatoes can be tricky. Use these ten tips from Johnny's research team to help you make growing heirloom tomatoes a success.
Learn 10 different ways to extend your season using protected cultivation, with quick tips and recommendations from Johnny's Selected Seeds.
This luxe gown fashioned of florals from Johnny's cut-flower trial grounds is designed by our flower product manager, Hillary Alger, and modeled by our trial manager, Joy Longfellow, in a full embrace of the spirit of American Flowers Week.
Johnny's 2021 Grower Profiles
We introduce you to a few of the growers we have the honor to serve, who in turn serve their communities by growing produce that keeps them vibrant and strong.
Key Growing Information

Amaranthus | Key Growing Information

Learn how to grow amaranthus flowers, including love-lies-bleeding, in the garden or field for cut flowers. Easy instructions from Johnny's Research Team.
American Flowers Week promotes domestic flowers and foliage in the marketplace, inspiring professionals and consumers alike. Here's a glimpse into the process whereby Johnny's flower team partnered with floral designer Rayne Grace Hoke on an interpretation of the late-summer gown — botanical couture for the goddess of the harvest.
Learn how to grow ammi/daucus flowers from seed, with instructions on sowing, germination, transplanting, light and soil preferences, and harvesting.
Key Growing Information

Ammobium | Key Growing Information

Learn how to grow ammobium (winged everlasting) flowers from seed for cut flowers or bedding: sowing, germination, light and soil preferences, hardiness, harvesting, and from seed.
Key Growing Information

Angelica | Key Growing Information

Learn how to grow angelica from seed: sowing, germination, spacing, light and soil requirements, hardiness, and harvesting seeds, leaves, and roots.
Learn how to grow perennial anise hyssop from seed: instructions for sowing, germination, transplanting, light, soil, spacing, hardiness, and harvesting.
Key Growing Information

Anise | Key Growing Information

Learn how to grow anise (Pimpinella anisum): instructions for direct-sowing, plus light and soil requirements, hardiness, plant spacing, and harvesting.