Growing heirloom tomatoes can be tricky. Use these ten tips from Johnny's research team to help you make growing heirloom tomatoes a success.
Learn 10 different ways to extend your season using protected cultivation, with quick tips and recommendations from Johnny's Selected Seeds.
This luxe gown fashioned of florals from Johnny's cut-flower trial grounds is designed by our flower product manager, Hillary Alger, and modeled by our trial manager, Joy Longfellow, in a full embrace of the spirit of American Flowers Week.
Johnny's 2021 Grower Profiles
We introduce you to a few of the growers we have the honor to serve, who in turn serve their communities by growing produce that keeps them vibrant and strong.
American Flowers Week promotes domestic flowers and foliage in the marketplace, inspiring professional and consumers alike. When flowers are seen as fashion, they ignite the imagination and stimulate new awareness of domestic floral agriculture and the art of floral design. Here's a glimpse into the process by which Johnny's flower team partnered with floral designer Rayne Grace Hoke on this interpretation of the late-summer gown — perfect couture for the flower harvest goddess.

Ask a Grower

We're here for you – get answers to your growing questions from the knowledgeable team of growers at Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Take a closer look at beneficial insects, including some of the helpful roles of pollinators and natural enemies of crop pests. Includes a 5-step summary of how to establish a flowering insectary in your garden or on your farm, and a list of further reading, with links, for the curious.
Research and industry experts discuss basil downy mildew, disease management, and tracking, and the latest in breeding innovations, including the new Prospera DMR.
See our checklist of must-have characteristics for an easy cut-flower garden. Here are three of the easiest, most reliable and productive cut flowers to get you started.
Here are a couple novel recipes from classically trained, NY Times Bestseller chef Frank Giglio using two of our newer Johnny's-bred varieties.
Guidelines for choosing the right tomato varieties to suit your particular growing needs and unique preferences, defining 3 key differentiating features, plus our recommended best varieties. 3 key questions: 1) Which vegetative growth habit best suits your needs? Indeterminate (tall and viney) OR determinate (bushy). 2) Where will you grow your tomatoes? Outdoors OR indoors/in a protected setting. 3) Which fruit characteristics are of greatest importance to you? Flavor, color, texture, yield...