American Flowers Week promotes domestic flowers and foliage in the marketplace, inspiring professional and consumers alike. When flowers are seen as fashion, they ignite the imagination and stimulate new awareness of domestic floral agriculture and the art of floral design. Here's a glimpse into the process by which Johnny's flower team partnered with floral designer Rayne Grace Hoke on this interpretation of the late-summer gown — perfect couture for the flower harvest goddess.
Written by our research team, this reference contains the essential information for growing ammi and daucus flowers from seed. Read more for a successful harvest!
In commercial cut-flower production and the backyard cutting garden, fillers and foliage form the backbone of cut-flower arrangements. We asked flower farmers from three different regions for recommendations.
For experienced vegetable farmers looking to expand into commercial cut-flower production, as well as the more casual — yet entrepreneurial — gardener exploring ways to create a tidy income stream on the side, these personal narratives from expert farmers around the nation introduce our top-15 choices for getting started in cut flowers. Remember to take notes as you create your seed lists!
Vegetable gardening experts make their case for planting flowers in among your vegetables and herbs — or vice versa — to improve overall garden health as well as yield.
A visual celebration of the beautiful, abundant, and unexpected floral design elements that seem to explode during that wonderful transitional time between summer and fall. Enjoy over two dozen examples of regional floral designs using flowers, foliages, herbs, seeds, pods, edibles and vines from across the creative, wide-ranging Slow Flowers Community.
Hillary Alger, Flower Product Manager at Johnny's Selected Seeds, presents a tutorial for designing a simple, professional-quality bouquet with focal, spike, and filler flowers.
Get a tour of our overwinter ammi/daucus trials, with variety recommendations and tips for successful ammi/daucus overwintering, from the research team at Johnny's.