Video: 'Legend Light Pink' & 'Costa Silver' Snapdragons | from Johnny's Selected Seeds

A close-up comparison of color distinctions between 'Legend Light Pink' and concurrently planted 'Costa Silver' snapdragon in the spring tunnel.

Hi! I'm Joy Longfellow. I'm the Product Technician for cut flowers at Johnny's Selected Seeds. I'm here in our spring tunnel, and I'm going to talk about a couple of beautiful, spring-planted snapdragons that we have here.

The first one, right here, this is 'Legend Light Pink'. This is new to Johnny's, and we really love this variety. It does better in cooler temperatures and lower light conditions, so we've used it in our overwinter tunnel and in our spring-planted tunnel, which you can see right here.

These were seeded January 15 and planted into the tunnel on March 15 of this year. They're blooming now; this is the second week of June.

And you can see, one of the things that's really great about this variety is how densely packed the florets are along the bloom column. Then this color is really unique, too, that really light, lavender pink is a nice cool color, and then there's even a little bit of an ombre effect, too, on the blooms as they open.

I wanted to show this, too, in comparison to another really beautiful variety that we have. Right here is 'Costa Silver' — same seeding and transplanting dates as the 'Legend Light Pink' — but both are unique, really soft, pale, cool colors that are really nice in early spring.

I wanted to point out the differences between them. You can see, the 'Costa Silver' is a really delicate, light pink, with a little bit of cream and ivory, whereas the 'Legend Light Pink' has more of a lavender tone to it.

But again, both have performed really well and consistently in our overwinter and spring tunnel trials.

We're excited to have both of these varieties available right now.