'Cannes Light Bronze III' Group 3 Snapdragons from Johnny's Selected Seeds

This variety in front of me is 'Cannes Light Bronze III', another Group 3 snapdragon that's performing really well in the late summer slot for us here.

Even though this variety has bronze in its name, the color is really a little bit more of a cantaloupe color, more softer orange and peach and apricot shades with a little bit of rose. It's a beautiful color. It is a little bit unique in the color combination compared to the other oranges that we carry.

It also is retaining a really nice bloom quality and well-balanced blooms and sturdy stems and plants in this late summer slot.

This is 'Cannes Light Bronze III', and that rounds out our group 3 varieties that are performing really nicely for us this year in our late summer field slot.