A full-color, downloadable/printable (PDF) version of our Fertil Pots Comparison Chart.
Learn key points for successful, professional-quality container herb production, benefits of gardening with potted herbs, and best herbs for container growing.
Download a full-color, print-friendly, PDF version of our Hydroponic & Container Basil Guide. This brochure prints on 4 single-sided sheets of 8.5x11" paper, or on two, double-sided sheets. Refer to our accompanying Hydroponic & Container Basil Comparison Chart for more information.
This tech sheet describes some of the most common pest and disease threats in greenhouse and hydroponic systems, as well as prevention basics, with links to recommended references for further reading.
Compare features for our line of durable, reusable Smart Pots, with part numbers, growing medium capacity in cubic meters and gallons, diameter, heights, and suitable crops to grow in each size.
Follow the guidelines in our Tech Sheet for planting the bare-root form of any variety of strawberry (Fragaria spp.) in containers. Cultural notes are provided on life cycle, soil, planting, temperature, watering, and fertility.
Learn about container growing with our 4-season growing friend to the North, Niki Jabbour. Get a look at the best types of crops for growing in containers, recommended varieties from Johnny's, and tips for planting and caring for your container vegetables.
Join 4-season Nova Scotia gardener Niki Jabbour for a quick tutorial on growing peppers in containers. Here are her 7 Steps to Container Pepper Success...
Join 4-season Nova Scotia gardening pro Niki Jabbour for a quick tutorial on growing tomatoes in containers. Here are Niki's 5 Tips for Container Tomato Success...
Learn best practices for managing pests & diseases in controlled agriculture, including hydroponics & greenhouse settings. From Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Illustrated step-by-step technique, tips, and guidelines to get you started top-grafting cucumbers to maximize yield and ROI, with Johnny's Vegetable Trial Technician, Nate Gorlin-Crenshaw.
Award-winning gardening author and educator Niki Jabbour walks us step-by-step through how to build an inexpensive cold frame in this tutorial from Johnny's.