Video: Growing Tomatoes in Containers with Niki Jabbour & Johnny's

Tomatoes are among the most popular crops for growing in containers — especially those with the "tidier" determinate or bush habit.

Niki's 5 Tips for Container Tomato Success

  1. Match the pot to the tomato type: determinate (bushy) or indeterminate (vining). Vining types can get super tall and usually need a lot of support. Niki has chosen to grow award-winning 'Galahad' — an early, vigorous determinate beefsteak variety that grows to approximately 4 feet in height — matching it with a 15-gallon Smart Pot.
  2. Fill with a well-draining, fertile growing medium. Amend with compost and slow-release organic fertilizer accordingly.
  3. Plant your tomato seedlings deeply. Water well. Locate the container in full sun — provide 8–10 hours of direct light every day for best success!
  4. Set up vertical support for your tomato plants, to ensure good light exposure and air flow to discourage disease.
  5. Water consistently so containers do not dry out — avoid letting the plants dry out to the point of wilting.

Enjoy your container tomatoes!

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