Video: Growing Peppers in Containers | Tips & Recommendations with Niki Jabbour

Peppers are one of the best vegetable crops for growing in containers — especially in short-season climates, where the soil in spring can be slow to warm up. Four-season Nova Scotian gardener Niki Jabbour covers the key steps for success with container pepper growing in this quickie tutorial from Johnny's.

Niki's 7 Key Steps for Container Pepper Success

  1. Find the right-sized pot.
  2. Fill with growing medium and any amendments needed, such as compost and slow-release organic fertilizer.
  3. Transplant your pepper seedlings into the containers. Niki has chosen jalapeño 'Jedi'; corno di toro 'Escamillo'; and Fresno 'Flaming Flare'.
  4. Water the newly transplanted seedlings well, and continue with regular watering so containers do not dry out.
  5. Feed every couple of weeks with a liquid organic fertilizer.
  6. Support your pepper plants with a tomato cage or stake(s).
  7. Harvest often to encourage heavy production. Use garden shears to avoid damaging the plant.

Enjoy your container peppers!

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