Leaf Broccoli - Key Growing Information

Leaf broccoli, best grown from transplants as you would standard heading broccoli.
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Brassica oleracea

Hardy to light frost. Prefers soil with a pH of 6.0–7.5. Direct seed: For baby leaf sow 60 seeds per foot in a 2–4" wide band. For full-size production sow 1–2" apart, ¼–½" deep, in rows 18" apart. Thin to 4–6" apart.

The best insect pest control on young plants provided by the use of fabric row covers, which prevent the insects' access to the plants. Control flea beetles with insecticides such as azadirachtin or pyrethrin, and cabbage worms with B.t. Prevent disease with crop rotation and good sanitation.

For baby leaf, harvest when leaves are 3–4" tall. For full-size production, keep young leaves picked for a continuous harvest over 4–6 weeks or harvest whole plants for bunching.

Seeds/oz.: Avg. 7,800. Avg. Direct Seeding Rate: For baby leaf: 1 oz./125', 14.5 lbs/acre @ 60 seeds/ft., rows 18" apart. For full size 1 oz/1250', 1.45 lbs/acre @ 6 seeds/ft. Packet: 250 seeds, sows 4.2' for baby leaf or 42' full size.