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Most flavorful day-neutral variety for field or container.
Alpine strawberries from seed, day-neutral and a gourmet treat.
Midseason variety with excellent flavor, large berries.
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Collection of three easy-to-grow varieties for an extended harvest.
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Productive day-neutral variety.
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Mid/late-season variety, known for great flavor.
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Day-neutral strawberry yields very large berries with excellent flavor.
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Early/midseason variety with high yields over a long harvest season.
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The early-season standard.
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Early-season variety yields large berries.
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Late-season variety for extended harvest and fresh market sales.
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Our Strawberry Planting Program outlines which strawberry varieties to plant, including day-neutral, early, mid, and late-season strawberry varieties, for a sequential, season-wide harvest.
Follow the instructions in our Tech Sheet for growing traditional strawberries (Fragaria X ananassa) and alpine strawberries (Fragaria vesca) from seed, for successful production-style gardening or direct-market farming.
Basic benefits and steps for growing strawberries in your hoophouse or high tunnel, including starting your own plugs.
Written by our research team, Written by our research team, here is the Key Growing Information for day-neutral, everbearing strawberry varieties from seeds or plugs: site selection, planting, spacing, mulching, irrigation, and harvesting. Read more for a successful harvest!
An overview of the 3 main types of strawberries, with tips for selecting which ones to plant and grow, by seasoned market farmer and author Lynn Byczinski.
Follow the recommendations in this Tech Sheet for optimal success with strawberry production from your bare-root plants from Johnny's. *** Take special note of steps you should take immediately upon receipt of your perishable, bare-root strawberry plants.***
Written by our research team, here is the Key Growing Information for summer-bearing (June-bearing) strawberry varieties from bare-root plants, including cultural, planting, and harvesting recommendations. Read more for a successful harvest!
Follow the guidelines in our Tech Sheet for planting the bare-root form of any variety of strawberry (Fragaria spp.) in containers. Cultural notes are provided on life cycle, soil, planting, temperature, watering, and fertility.
Information on how to grow and harvest high-quality strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and other fruit across the growing seasons, from the Research & Trialing team at Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Learn which raspberry varieties to plant, including summer-bearing, fall-bearing, and everbearing berries of several kinds and colors, for sequential, season-wide harvesting with Johnny's Raspberry Planting/Harvesting Program.
We recently caught up with Javier Zamora, owner of JSM Organics Farm, in Aromas and Royal Oaks, California. Javier, whose father was a farmer, started farming at age 11. Nowadays, Javier employs 25 workers full-time on the farm he named after his mother, Javier Sanchez Medina. We were curious to hear how Javier had made his way into organic growing in the Salinas Valley, one of the most productive growing regions of the country. We learned about his outreach work in the broader growing community and gained perspective on some of the greatest challenges and opportunities faced by farmers and farm workers in this region.
This article describes the basic steps of seed-starting in hydroponic systems and introduces some of the primary environmental variables that affect plant health and productivity in hydroponic systems.