Video: Voyage 2 'First Love' Lisianthus | from Johnny's Selected Seeds

Johnny's Flower Product Manager Hillary Alger presents 'First Love', a Group 2 lisianthus variety in the Voyage Series.

It's early September, and we're in the lisianthus tunnel trial. We're going to take a look at some new varieties.

This is Voyage 2 'First Love'. The Voyage 2 Series is known for these big, ruffly, full petals that look like scoops of ice cream or piles of whipped cream… really fun and beautiful.

This new color is white, with just the lightest cast of blush pink. It's almost like the softest bi-color you could imagine.

Just as a comparison, again, here is the Voyage 2 light pink (ie, 'Pink Improved'), and then, this new color, Voyage 2 'First Love'. You can see how much softer, lighter it is, with just this palest blush of pink on the edges of the petals.

It's a really beautiful and on-trend color that we're super excited about.