Video: Rosanne 2 'Clear Green' Lisianthus | from Johnny's Selected Seeds

Johnny's Flower Product Manager Hillary Alger presents key distinguishing features of 'Clear Green', a Group 2 lisianthus variety in the Rosanne Series.

It's early September, and we're in the lisianthus tunnel trial. We're going to take a look at some new varieties.

This is Rosanne 2 'Clear Green'. This is a new color in the Rosanne Series.

The primary difference between the 'Clear Green' and the standard Rosanne 'Green' is that 'Clear Green' is a lighter, brighter, almost "true" green color.

As a comparison, I have the regular Rosanne 'Green' here, and you can see it has a gold cast, which is also nice — more of an antique shade, when you compare it to the 'Clear Green' — which is brighter and just more "fresh" green looking.