Video: Corelli™ III 'Light Pink' Lisianthus | from Johnny's Selected Seeds

Johnny's Flower Product Manager Hillary Alger presents key distinguishing features of 'Light Pink', a Group 3 lisianthus variety in the Corelli™ Series.

Hi! It's early September, and we're in the lisianthus tunnel trial, and we're going to take a look at some new varieties.

So we're looking at Corelli III 'Light Pink'. This is a new variety for Johnny's this year (2023). It was voted Cut Flower of the Year by the Association of Specialty Cut-Flower Growers, and you can see why! It's the lightest possible pink — a really soft, soft pink — with a contrasting burgundy center when the blooms are fully open. And the petals have this delicate ruffle at the edge, making them extra fluffy and beautiful.

Just as a comparison, this is the next-lightest pink that we currently offer; this is Voyage 2 'Pink Improved', and you can see that the Corelli III 'Light Pink' is even lighter, and has a little bit of creamy warmth in the center and on these unopened buds, which are really beautiful.

So, an even lighter, softer pink.