Research and industry experts discuss basil downy mildew, disease management, and tracking, and the latest in breeding innovations, including the new Prospera DMR.
Key Growing Information

Basil | Key Growing Information

Essential information for growing basil from seed, from sowing indoors or direct-seeding, germination, transplanting and spacing, to soil and temperature requirements, culture, and harvesting.
Learn how adding a variety of plant materials to your floral menu — ornamental grasses, herbs, berries, and structurally unique vegetables — can help create more distinctive, fragrant, and elegant dried-flower arrangements.
For experienced vegetable farmers looking to expand into commercial cut-flower production, as well as the more casual—yet entrepreneurial—gardener exploring ways to create a tidy income stream on the side, these personal narratives from expert farmers around the nation introduce our top-15 choices for getting started in cut flowers. Remember to take notes as you create your seed lists!
Learn how 5 flower farmers from across the U.S. are successfully adapting to heat, drought, and the extreme weather events of a changing climate.
Most basil types and varieties can perform well in container production and/or hydroponic systems, but which ones will perform best for you? With a few facts in hand, you'll be prepared to match your system to the best varieties. Here's help getting your container and/or hydroponic basil production off to a successful start.
Vegetable gardening experts make their case for planting flowers in among your vegetables and herbs—or vice versa—to improve overall garden health as well as yield.
Written by our research team, this reference contains the essential information for growing ORNAMENTAL (FLOWERING) BASIL. Read more for a successful harvest!
Profitable margins at the market rely on building efficiencies into the bouquet-making and operation, plus branding that emphasizes "couture" over "commodity." Here's advice from 3 professional flower farmers on how to convey the inherent value of your bouquets through method and presentation.
Use this chart of recommended standard timing intervals for succession-planting Johnny's herb crops. Lists seeding intervals and tips for herb crops most amenable to succession planting.
What sustainable farming methods are flower farmers using? Each of these 6 growers has a different story, with farm location, size, and scale and crop specialties varying widely.