Use this comparison chart to see at a glance which Bobcat Tunnel Kits are compatible with various options for the end walls, roof, roll-up sides, and ventilation.
We've overwintered more than 30 cut-flower crops successfully in our multiyear, Zone 5a, unheated tunnel trials. Use this workbook to compare yield, rate of survival, and performance of specific varieties, mixes, and series. Set up as a spreadsheet for you to download, save to your system, sort and filter for your own planning and recordkeeping purposes.
Download our Overwinter Flower Trials Seeding Date Calculator to determine the best seeding date range in your area for over 25 cut-flower crops detailed in our overwinter trial results.
Use this chart to schedule your planting dates of vegetable crops for overwintering. Chart depicts crops from 3 levels of reliability for success.
A full-color, downloadable and printable (PDF) comparison chart of row cover and insect netting options and uses.
Use our chart to schedule plantings of your winter-harvest crops, and enjoy a seamless harvest all winter long.
Use this comparison chart to assess different types of Tufflite IV Greenhouse Film applications, type of tunnel, dimensions, and part numbers, from the research and trialing team at Johnny's Selected Seeds.