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February 2019
A Way to Garden | How to Grow Root Crops, with Daniel Yoder of Johnny’s Seeds
DO YOU KNOW what it takes to grow a perfect root vegetable? When I recently asked readers and listeners what their most common seed-related issues were, one recurring theme surprised me: troubles with root crops, from poor germination of carrots, to radishes and beets and others that never sized up.

If you want to learn to grow any crop to perfection, call a person who grows them for a living, I figure, and better yet someone who does that in formal trials, where every last detail is recorded and evaluated.

Daniel Yoder, a research product technician at Johnny's Selected Seeds in Maine, has a specialty in the world of root vegetables, and we talked about prepping the bed to reduce weeds before sowing roots crops; how to space and when to thin the seedlings; keeping them well-watered so they can bulk up; which are the easiest of each type, and more.…"

A Way to Garden | 10 Top Tips for Growing Root Vegetables, from Daniel Yoder, Research Product Technician, Johnny's Selected Seeds

What’s the secret to growing root crops, whether the most familiar kinds, or even a turnip or parsnip?…

February (cont...)
Seed World | Q&A with Anthony Stevenson, International Wholesale Sales Representative : Friending Your Customers
...SW: How did you become fluent in Spanish?

AS: "I learned English and Spanish at the same time. My Central American family prefers to speak Spanish in their day-to-day lives, so it was easy to stay proficient in both languages as I got older. It's an invaluable skill. So many farmers' and workers' first language is Spanish, and communicating with them in their preferred language ensures that we can supply them and help them have the most successful farm possible.…"

...SW: What problems do you face in shipping products worldwide?

AS: "Various import regulations can complicate the process. Many countries require specialized testing, inspections and/or treatments that are costly. Some countries restrict or prohibit the importation of certain species — nightshades, for example, which are a tremendously popular family of plants. Shipping rates and time to delivery can be challenging, but dedicated growers worldwide continue to come back and work with us.…"

January 2019
Slow Flowers Podcast • Episode 383 | The Joy of Seeds with Hillary Alger, Flowers Product Manager of Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Hillary is here today to discuss that process — how does an established seed company like Johnny's, which was founded in 1973, select, trial, evaluate and bring to market thousands of varieties of vegetable, herb and flower seeds each year?…

…Even if you're just a bit of a flower geek, this conversation will engage and inspire you. Hillary also discusses some of the more than 25 new annual seed varieties coming online in Johnny's 2019 catalog, as well as the decision to reintroduce bulbs for cut flower growers. After more than a decade hiatus, the pages of Johnny’s catalog include more than 35 narcissus and tulip varieties. Click here to download a 4-pp PDF of all new 2019 flowers

October 2018
A Way to Garden | What garden 'pests' are trying to tell us, from Eliot Coleman's The New Organic Grower
Q. "Right. I mentioned soil blocking, and I loved that section because every year I swear that I'm going to move past either open flats or cellpacks in a flat and I'm going to block soil. Tell us just a little bit … is that what you do at Four Season Farm — is that one of your primary tactics?"

A. "Yes, well years ago when I started like everybody else, before any of these new ideas were common, we just used regular open flats with soil in them and spaced the seedlings. And then when they were ready to go to the garden or to the field we would cut them out in cubes, the same way if we were cutting brownies out of a tray in the kitchen. And the nice thing about soil blocks is if you get the potting soil to the proper moisture level, you're pressing the potting soil into little cubes with a hole in the top and a depression in which you can drop a seed.

"The nice thing about it is that there's a slight division between the blocks because of the edges of the block form. And when the plant's roots grow to the edge of the block they pause there so they don't go out into that slight air opening. And boy, when you put these in the ground all of a sudden they have soil on all sides and they take off much faster than some plant that was in some little container and its roots began to circle around."

[The soil recipe and how-to for Eliot's soil block process, on the Johnny's Selected Seeds website.]
August 2018
Long Island Business News | Hometown Hero: Forest for healing
John Sferazo and his fellow ironworkers spent several weeks at Ground Zero clearing steel beams, chunks of concrete, office furniture and dozens of crushed fire trucks and police cars in the wake of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in 2001.…The result is the 700-acre Memorial Forest, designed as a healing retreat for military veterans and first responders suffering from stress disorders…

Modern Farmer | Five Field-Tested Tools Recommended By Modern Farmer Readers
Hand-Held Soil Blocker: "Even biodegradable pots made from peat or newspaper can cause seedlings to become root-bound. Not so the self-contained blocks this machine turns out. All you need to do is add soil-starting mix and water."
—Monica Conyers Wichita, KS

The Forecaster | Harpswell Community Garden grows on solar-powered irrigation
The fruits of a new solar-powered watering system in the Harpswell Community Garden will soon be more widely realized.…Another piece of improving the water flow involved installing an irrigation system. The system was purchased last year with grant funding from Winslow-based company Johnny's Selected Seeds…

Slow Flowers Journal | #BloomWithJohnnys: Cutting Garden Inspiration & Resources from Johnny's Selected Seeds
Hillary Alger is Johnny's Flower Product Manager, and she spends 365 days a year immersed in cut flowers and herb evaluations, as well as planning for the coming season and interacting with an ever-expanding community of Slow Flowers members, flower farmers, farmer-florists, DIY flower growers like me, and gardening enthusiasts… Here, you'll learn more about her suggested 11 easy-to-grow annual varieties for the residential cutting garden. This "set" will produce attractive blooms on long stems throughout your growing season… All the varieties have been rigorously trialed at Johnny's research farm and selected for their high-quality stems and blooms…

Farmer to Farmer Podcast | Jack Algiere of Stone Barns Center on a Diversified Farm, a Close Partnership with a Restaurant, and Innovative Production
Jack Algiere, who is currently serving his second term on Johnny's Board of Directors, is the farm director for Stone Barns Center in the New York's lower Hudson Valley. Actively farming since the early 1990s, Jack has been the director at Stone Barns since its inception 15 years ago. Jack oversees the extensive and diversified farm operations, including indoor and outdoor vegetable production, small grains, and a diverse array of livestock.…

Garden Center Magazine | Bulbs & Seeds: Move Beyond the Basics
Following leading trends in bulbs and capitalizing on the foodie influence when selecting seeds to sell can help your garden center stand out… With collaborations between breeders, growers and chefs fueling the seed industry, Zuck expects obscure vegetables to jump to the forefront of seed sales. "For seed companies, our big thing is trying to figure out what's the next kale," he says.

So, what'll it be? "Chicory is sort of on the cusp of being a breakout thing," Zuck says. "It has this interesting flavor profile, the bitterness." The popularity of Negroni, an Italian cocktail with a bitter complexity, and other signs show bitterness catching on. "Our chicory breeder, John Navazio, has this expression, 'Bitter is the new sour,' " he says, with a laugh. "Chicory is kind of satisfying that new flavor niche and the grower niche as well…"
May 2018
WGME | Maine company makes unique vegetables using seed breeding
"Plant breeding is the art and science of developing new plant varieties," Dr. Lindsay Wyatt, Johnny's Selected Seeds plant breeder, said… They take the best characteristics of each plant and bring them to life. "We have about 6½ acres of squash and pumpkins. Over 900 different plots of each one, unique, that we keep track of and get data on individually…" Dr. Wyatt said. To create "better-tasting," easy-growing and adaptable varieties all starts with the breeding program where they are looking at each plant's distinct qualities. "There [are] always changing environmental pressures, new pest and disease, different climate issues that we want to have new varieties that can do better in those conditions…" Breeders then weed out the plants that aren't effective, and keep growing those that are… To help perfect varieties, researchers get feedback from other farmers, gardeners, and even chefs. It is a long process. It can take up to a decade to get a new seed ready for customers, but breeders say it's worth it.…

University of New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station | Just in Time for Planting Season: New Squash, Melon, and Pumpkin Seeds Developed at UNH Now Available
…Organic seed of Racer, an earlier introduction, is now available and is Johnny's first organic hybrid jack. Speedy ripening helps Racer avoid disease pressure. It offers highly uniform, 12 to 16-pound, round fruit with attractive color and ribbing, and strong dark-green handles. It combines parentage from Loy's and Johnny's breeding work.

Loy considers Naked Bear, a semi-bush, hull-less seeded pumpkin with tolerance to powdery mildew and some fruit rot diseases, to be one of his most prominent breeding accomplishments. Naked Bear gives extremely high seed yields, and the seeds are excellent for roasting and snacking, and can be pressed for oil. Uniform and averaging 2 to 3 pounds, its light-orange fruits with gold flecking also make attractive ornamentals…

April 2018
martha • up close & personal | Starting Tomatoes from Seed
"There are hundreds of tomato varieties available as seed, and choosing them for the garden may seem daunting. When selecting our seeds every year, Ryan and I consider type, size, disease resistance and general growth success in our region…"

martha • up close & personal | Preparing and Planting the Season's First Crop of Peas
"Peas thrive in cool weather, and young plants can even tolerate light frosts. It's important to plant peas as soon as possible in spring in order to get a full harvest before hot summer temperatures arrive…"

March 2018
Penn State News | Coming to a garden near you: An award-winning, Penn State-bred tomato variety
" 'Valentine,' a grape tomato developed by Penn State plant geneticist Majid Foolad in collaboration with breeders at Johnny's Selected Seeds, was named an All-America Selections winner for 2018…"

Idaho Statesman | Double-duty: Grow corn to support bean stalks too
"… The really complex part of this is the various hybrid sweet corns, whether it's se, su, sh2, syn, sh2 or ssw, identified on the seed packet after the species name. Cross-pollination between any of these results in tough, inferior sweet corn. Johnny's Selected Seeds' catalog, online, gives the best definitions of these types I've seen…"

Growing Produce | Beyond Bell Peppers: 15 Peppers to Check Out
Want to grow peppers beyond bell peppers? Then take a look at these 15 varieties, which range from jalapenos to Hungarian to poblanos.…"

Portland Press Herald | In winter, Johnny's Selected Seeds just blossoms
On the day before the big nor'easter last week, workers at Johnny's Selected Seeds were scurrying about inside a huge shipping warehouse, filling seed orders that will go to gardeners — and thawed soil — around the world.…"

Slow Flowers Journal | Spring in the Cutting Garden: What to plan & plant now!
"During each month of the year, I want my garden to supply botanical bounty for my floral designs. Harvesting from my own backyard is very important to me because it keeps me grounded in the seasons.…"
February 2018
A Way to Garden | seed shopping, plus growing eggplants and peppers, with craig lehoullier
"There's actually a whole lot of activity in the greens category in general. And if I pick, for example, a Johnny's catalog up, it's got pages and pages on all of these different things you can grow as micro-greens and ones you can sprout. And things that they call 'Kalettes' that are like little Brussels sprouts-kale things growing on a stalk, so…"
January 2018
melinda myers | Melinda's Garden Moment Audio Tips
Valentine is one of the two 2018 AAS tomato winners. You'll enjoy the deep red fruit and sweet flavor of this grape tomato in as few as 55 days from transplant. The meaty fruit resists cracking and maintains its flavor longer on the vine than most. …

Press Herald | Two more plants from Johnny's Selected Seeds in Winslow earn accolades • All-America Selections and the Perennial Plant Association announce this year's award-winning plants
Gardeners who want to spice up and/or increase the health benefits of the crops from their vegetable gardens this summer have two good choices from Johnny's. … All-America Selections is a nonprofit that tests new seeds around the United States and Canada for their performance in the garden; winners have a kind of stamp of approval.

"Its nice," Johnny's Chairman Rob Johnston said in what I consider an understatement. He then added more.

"Normally, when we start a breeding project it is sort of like getting married and planning a family," he said. "When someone says 'What do you think is going to come of this project?' you say 'Ask me again in 15 years, and I'll give you some more information.' "

That time is up, and the results are positive

martha • up close & personal | A Winter Harvest & Our New Dynamic Salad Spinner from Johnny's Selected Seeds
Another wonderful bounty of fresh vegetables from my greenhouse … where I grow organic vegetables in the ground, using very little heat, all winter long … Recently, we received a large Dynamic Salad Spinner from Johnny's … big enough to hold eight heads of lettuce at one time. After our latest harvest, we were eager to give it a try…

Portland Press Herald | Garden Catalog Dreamin' on such a winter's day • This year's Maine seed catalogs offer gentle breezes and freakish herbs.
…If you're the sort of gardener who wants the very best, pick up a copy of Johnny's Selected Seeds catalog. The company, which is employee-owned and based in Winslow, hybridizes award-winning plants and sells the best plants created by others. It's also a go-to source for heirloom varieties. The catalog features wonderful color photos of the plants and top-quality tools for sale.…

martha • up close & personal | Starting Onions from Seed at My Farm
Onions started from seed generally grow larger and store longer. They can be planted closely together in seed starting trays, and because they are shallow-rooted, they can be pulled apart easily when ready for transplanting outdoors. Many of our seed trays and supplies are from Johnny's … by mid-summer, we will have lots and lots of beautiful, fat bulbs to harvest…

Addison County Independent | From dreams to reality; making plans for your 2018 garden
As a direct result of the work at the Research Farm, Johnny's Seed Catalog not only offers a vast array of vegetable and flower seeds (including many that are organically grown), but it is also packed full of factual information to guide gardeners of all skill levels.

Tri-City Herald | Garden Tips: Here are the best places to go to get your seeds
… [M]ore and more gardeners… shop online for vegetable and flower seeds. However, this just is not the same as browsing through a gardening catalog and dreaming about the coming season's garden … Johnny's catalog is … packed with … growing information and charts that compare different varieties… and gardening supplies.

December 2017
SeedWorld | Johnny's Selected Seeds Announces New Summer Squash
The classical plant breeding team at Johnny's Selected Seeds announces the release of its third Johnny's-Bred summer squash. The yellow crookneck squash, called 'Tempest,' was bred by Janika Eckert specifically for organic growers. Now retired, Eckert transitioned her summer squash breeding program to Johnny's Plant Breeder Dr. Lindsay Wyatt, who has cooperated with growers, university partners, and culinary experts throughout the US to get feedback on the variety's flavor and performance under organic conditions.

"Tempest is special because it's both beautiful and tastes great, making it an excellent example of the type of variety we strive to breed here at Johnny's," says Wyatt…
November 2017
The Packer | Johnny's Selected Seeds Wins Two Awards
Johnny's Selected Seeds, Albion, Maine, has been honored with two All-America Selections Committee awards for its vegetables. The company's Red Ember cayenne pepper and Valentine grape tomatoes were selected as 2018 winners, according to a news release. Red Ember, bred by Janika Eckert, is a cross between a cayenne and sweet pepper. The company has been breeding the pepper since 2010, the release said.

"Red Ember is truly a unique pepper unlike other cayennes," Emily Rose Haga, who took over the pepper breeding program from Eckert, said in the release. "The flavor is sweet and fruity but not overly hot, and the wall thickness gives it a lot of versatility compared to traditional cayenne types…"

Vegetable Growers News | First commercial tomato variety released by Penn State
The first commercially released variety resulting from Majid Foolad’s tomato breeding program at Penn State University is being released by Johnny’s Selected Seeds. It has been chosen as an All-American Selection winner for 2018.…

September 2017
Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel | Second annual Seed-to-Table Variety Tasting in Unity draws plant breeders, local growers, chefs
Food enthusiasts Sunday got to taste new varieties bred by Johnny's Selected Seeds, grown locally and cooked by Maine chefs…

The jam, made with a new variety of grape tomato offered by Johnny's Selected Seeds, was on display and available for tasting Sunday at the second annual Seed-to-Table Variety Tasting at The Unity Schoolhouse, the site of the Unity Food Hub on Route 139. Plant breeders, growers, chefs and local food enthusiasts took part in the event, hosted by Johnny's and the Food Hub.
August 2017
SeedWorld | Lindsay Wyatt (Johnny's Selected Seeds) Transitioning from Grad School; Business Side of Plant Breeding
Lindsay Wyatt (Johnny's Selected Seeds) talks with Shawn Brook at the 2017 NAPB Annual Conference from August 7–10, 2017 at the University of California, Davis.
July 2017
martha • up close & personal | A Visit from Johnny's Selected Seeds
As many of you know, I am an avid gardener and am always on the lookout for innovative, sensible and easy-to-use tools and supplies. One of my favorite sources is Johnny's Selected Seeds… Not long ago, a team from Johnny's Selected Seeds came to visit my Bedford, New York farm. My gardeners, Ryan and Wilmer, guided them through the vegetable and flower beds and talked about how well our crops have done over the years. Our visitors also brought some of Johnny's newest tools and supplies for us to try — it was a very informative and enjoyable visit…
June 2017
Live & Work in Maine | MaineLife Episode 9: Johnny's Selected Seeds
This great Maine-based company is 100% Employee Owned! Johnny's Selected Seeds mission is helping families, friends, and communities to feed one another by providing superior seeds, tools, information, and service.…

martha • up close & personal | Planting in the Pumpkin Patch
…Pumpkins grow on vines, which means they take up a lot of space. I always plant my pumpkin patch in a roomy bed that can accommodate a large crop of big, colorful fruits. … This year, the majority of our seeds are from Johnny's Selected Seeds. Whenever I can, I also like to use seeds I've saved from interesting or tasty pumpkins I've enjoyed…

Lubbock Avalanche–Journal | Peffley: Chard will withstand Lubbock's summer heat
The leafy greens of Swiss Chard variety 'Bright Lights' are a nutritional powerhouse and the multi-colored petioles make for an attractive ornamental in the garden…
September 2016
Bangor Daily News • Homestead | Tasting Event in Unity Showcases 'New and Improved Vegetables'
…Pastry chef Kim Rodgers, who works at Portland restaurants Hugo's, Honeypaw and Eventide, said that when she was asked to create a dish from the 'Clementine' and 'Cherry Bomb' tomatoes, she wanted something that would be easy to transport and she settled on the sodas — one for each hybrid. She'd made unusual sodas before, she said, but discovered something in the process of making them for the seed-to-table tasting event.

"You think a tomato's a tomato, but they're actually drastically different," she said. "It was really fun to find that out."
August 2016
Seed World | AAS Salutes Industry Achievers
At its annual awards banquet in Janesville, Wisconsin, All-America Selections (AAS) recognized Jim Nau of Ball Horticultural Company and Janika Eckert of Johnny's Selected Seeds, two "horticulture luminaries" …

HortiDaily | Janika Eckert receives 2016 All-America Selections Breeder's Cup
Johnny's Plant Breeder Janika Eckert was awarded the All-American Selections (AAS) Breeder's Cup at the annual summit held in Madison. Eckert has produced four AAS-winning varieties: 'Diva' spineless sweet cucumber, in 2002; 'Carmen,' an early sweet red Italian pepper, in 2006; 'Escamillo,' an early sweet golden Italian pepper, in 2016; and 'Cornito Giallo,' a half-size sweet golden Italian pepper, in 2016

"One has to be both an artist and a scientist. First of all, you have to dream up something — a new vegetable variety. The fun then starts, in figuring out how to create the variety that you have envisioned — you could think of that part as the science…"
July 2016
CivilEats | Could CRISPR Gene Editing Change the Future of Ag? | We talked to traditional plant breeders about the new technology
Despite its somewhat vague status within the USDA, gene editing is currently not allowed in organic seed production, though it's being hotly debated. Many breeders see it as a potentially valuable tool for developing completely novel plants for the organic farmer. Others maintain that it is more or less unnecessary.

Lindsay Wyatt, squash breeder at Johnny's Selected Seeds, agrees.
"Vegetables are really great in that we can make a lot of gains using traditional plant breeding out in the field just looking at the plants and making selections…"

Modern Farmer | Cropped: How to Grow Microgreens
You'll find a good selection of organic microgreen seeds in bulk at… Pick a single crop or a spicy or mild mix…

UPS • Longitudes | How Education Builds Customer Loyalty
A Maine-based seed producer bet big on customer service as a consultancy. The result? A crop of lifelong customers. Here's what you can learn from their strategy…
May 2016
Washington Post | Broccoli's big, flowering family of nutritious greens
Years later, searching for a sweeter version, I discovered broccolini, a trademarked green sold in produce markets that is a cross between broccoli and a leafier Asian vegetable called gai-lan or kai-lan. So I grew a variety called Happy Rich, another gai-lan/broccoli cross but one for which I could purchase seeds (from The plants were stately candelabras, somewhat blue-green and covered with small, tasty shoots. These bore white flowers, which, unlike those of American broccoli, didn't turn brownish when cooked.…

Maine Biz | Plants aren't the only thing growing at Johnny's Selected Seeds
Walking around Johnny's… research farm, one expects to see rows and acres of commercial seed-producing plants. But most of the seeds sold by Johnny's are produced in the parts of the world where they grow best, and then are harvested by Johnny's… Yet, in Maine, Johnny's is a beehive of activity…

Bangor Daily News | Pingree, chefs, business pros head to Cuba on an organic mission
Pingree's office came up with the idea for the four-day trip, organized by the Washington nonprofit Center for Democracy in the Americas. The group of leaders in organics, such as Luke Donahue of Johnny's Selected Seeds from Maine, left for Cuba April 30 to see what can be shared, gleaned and put into place. With commercial pressure from U.S. pesticide and fertilizer companies looming, Pingree feels the window is closing for healthy agricultural practices…
April 2016
Houston Herald | Radicchio: A cool season veggie
…Johnny's Selected Seeds has several types of radicchio seed, Chioggia and Trevisio, and they recommend trying different types of radicchio and succession planting to see what works best in your climate.

Garden Inspirations • National Garden Bureau | AAS Winner 'Carmen' Pepper in Caponata Quinoa Salad
March 2016
martha • up close & personal | Starting from Seed
We start sowing seeds indoors a couple of months before the last frost in this area… thousands of seeds… Starting from seed isn't difficult. They can be planted closely together in seed starting trays, and then pulled apart easily when ready for transplanting outdoors. Many of our seeds, seed trays and other supplies are from Johnny's Selected Seeds. Here are some photos, enjoy…
February 2016
Down East Magazine | All Grown Up | Rooted in the counterculture of the 1970s, Johnny's Selected Seeds is flourishing with the locavore movement, by Edgar Allen Beem
"The most important secret of success is to just keep doing it. It's continuity," says [Rob] Johnston. "Every year, we hope we improve on what we do. Selling beans is how we make money to develop more beans."
January 2016
Mother Earth News • Organic Gardening | The Vegetable Seeds Have Arrived
Johnny's Selected Seeds is an employee-owned seed company and one of the original signers of the "Safe Seed Pledge."

Growing Produce • American Vegetable Grower | 9 Watermelon Varieties You Need to Know for 2016

Growing Produce • American Vegetable Grower | The Next Big Developments In Vegetable Seed : Rob Johnston & Lindsay Wyatt, Curcurbit Breeders

Portland Press Herald | Eero Ruuttila's years of growing lead to seed company gig Influences on the new research station manager at Johnny's Selected Seeds have included the poet Allen Ginsberg
"Every field is blocked out on a row-by-row basis. It's a big blank slate." Using GPS imagery, they create the map, then plug in information like soil formulation, any past disease issues and recent crops (for rotation issues). "We are starting to plug in the blanks…"

Portland Press Herald | Maine Gardener: Catalogs seed desire for new flowers & vegetables Potates developed at the University of Maine should catch the eyes of garden catalog browsers
…While spending the winter's first snowy day perusing our 6-inch stack of gardening catalogs, I noticed Caribou Russet first in the Pinetree Garden Seeds catalog. Johnny's Selected Seeds had both Caribou Russet and Pinto Gold…

Times Colonist | Helen Chestnut: Seed catalogue's lettuces irresistable
… Lettuces and lettuce blends are something of a specialty ... I find the JSS pages — and pages — of lettuces irresistible.

A Way to Garden | Power-shopping the seed catalogs, with Joseph Tychonievich
… And I love Johnny's, because they don't have the biggest list, but it's like it's curated — you know they've done the testing. They have such a research department, and I feel like the varieties they've listed are consistently really good choices.
December 2015
Floret Flower Farm Journal | Behind the Scenes at Johnny's Selected Seeds
…I've been a big fan and loyal customer of Johnny's since the very beginning of my flower farming journey and was excited to finally see their operation — and particularly their famed trial gardens and plant breeding programs — firsthand…

Bangor Daily News | 'Armchair gardening': Seed catalog season tantalizes gardeners
November 2015
CNN | Gourds saved by ancient ancestors
Probing ancient mastodon dung, scientists discover early humans had a lot to do with saving Thanksgiving dinner.

Perishable News | Kalettes Receives 2015 Innovator Award
Tozer Seeds has exclusive marketing agreements with select companies to grow and market Kalettes … Kalettes seeds will be sold by Johnny's Selected Seeds to small farmers and home growers

Growing Produce • American Vegetable Grower | The Quest for the Perfect Vegetable Variety
Rob Johnston & Lindsay Wyatt, Curcurbit Breeders
August 2015
NPR | One Small Bite For Man: NASA Astronauts Eat Space-Grown Food
Update on the Johnny's-supplied 'Outredgeous' lettuce being cultivated in space … (See also article published Feb 2014.)

NPR's The Salt | Cherokee Purple: The Story Behind One of Our Favorite Tomatoes
…Rob Johnston is the founder and CEO of Johnny's Selected Seeds, another company that got the Cherokee Purple from LeHoullier and now does good business from the seed. Johnston says it's rare that an amateur seed saver discovers a variety that becomes commercially popular, but it's more likely for tomatoes than, say, carrots.

'Tomatoes are always a favorite of seed savers because they're easy to save,' says Johnston. 'And tomato seeds have long viability, so they might sit in a glass jar in somebody's pantry for many years before someone discovers it and decides to keep growing it.' But those purple carrots you might spy at the market? That's the work of professional breeders, says Johnston…
July 2015
One Hundred Dollars a Month | Tour of Johnny's Seeds in Albion, Maine
Imagine the ultimate garden. Big, straight rows of multicolored vegetable and flowers… The grass between the plots is thick, lush and mowed perfectly…

Country Folks | Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association holds tomato talk
A few weeks ago, a consortium of local vegetable growers gathered at the Albion, Maine research farm of Johnny's Selected Seeds with one task in mind: to discuss the obstacles and opportunities related to growing tomatoes in the New England region…
April 2015
Produce Grower | Making Green with Microgreens
Lettuce is a valuable crop in the US, and more growers are turning to hydroponic ways of producing it. Here are some consumer preferences and potential challenges to growing these leafy veggies…
March 2015
Christian Science Monitor | Impatient to Garden? Start Some Seeds
Buying plants is pricey, and variety varies. Seeds are cheap, if you plan well…

House Speaker Mark Eves | Agriculture in the Spotlight on Central Maine Jobs Tours
Lawmakers visit Johnny's Selected Seeds on first stop of day's tour…
January 2015
Kennebec Journal | Unity Food Hub on Track to Open in Spring
A pilot program that delivers farm produce to employees at their workplaces and plans to help farmers sell more wholesale products, are part of the work already being done at the new food hub.
December 2014
Vegetable Growers News | Kalettes Hit Market for Vegetable Growers
It's a newer vegetable that's making early inroads into commercial production… Johnny's Selected Seeds introduced the new Kalettes seed in the fall to direct-to-market commercial growers and avid home gardeners across the United States and Canada, under an exclusive partnership with Tozer Seeds…
October 2014
The Packer | Veteran breeder joins Johnny's Selected Seeds
John Navazio has left the Organic Seed Alliance after a decade as its senior scientist to take over management of the plant breeding program at Johnny's Selected Seeds, Albion, Maine. Company founder and CEO Rob Johnston has worked with Navazio in the industry for 30 years and described him in a news release as having "always been avidly interested in what the very most progressive, most innovative direct-market growers are striving for." Navazio has a doctorate in plant breeding from the University of Wisconsin, where he has served as an extension specialist in organic seeds…

PPH | Kalettes May Be Coming Soon to a Garden — & Dinner Plate — Near You
Johnny's Selected Seeds in Winslow has been selected to sell this new hybrid cross between Brussels sprouts and kale.
April 2014
Seed Research: Breeding Pedigreed Peppers
An interview with Johnny's Plant Breeder Janika Eckert, by Rebekah Fraser for Growing Magazine
February 2014
Mother Earth News | Prevent Tomato Blight With These Resistant Varieties
…But the end of the late-blight nightmare is nigh. Thanks to breeding work done by Johnny's Selected Seeds, Cornell University and North Carolina State University, gardeners can now fend off tomato blight by choosing from several good-tasting, blight-resistant varieties. Some are even "double-resistant," meaning they have resistance to early blight, too, which affects tomatoes almost everywhere.

After trialing in North American gardens, Johnny's double-resistant 'Jasper' cherry tomato was named a 2013 All-America Selections (AAS) winner. An early, widely adapted, indeterminate red cherry tomato, 'Jasper' received high ratings from AAS judges for its sweet flavor.…

THIS OLD HOUSE | Prep Indoor Pots
August 11, 2013
Hardy Vegetables Weather Outdoors Come Frost or Freeze, by Diana Lockwood for The Columbus Dispatch
June 2013
Heirlooms & Hybrids: Finding the Right Plant for your Garden, featuring an interview with Johnny's Plant Breeder Emily Haga, by Amy Grisak for A Garden Life

Grafting Tomatoes: A Beginner's Guide to Grafting Tomatoes, by Amy Grisak for Organic Gardening
May 29, 2013
In Defense of Grafting, by Anne Raver for The New York Times
March 6, 2013
January 2013
Tool Review: The Quick-Cut Greens Harvester, by Jean–Martin Fortier for Growing for Market

Maine Gardener: Invest seed money in startups like these, by Portland (ME) Press Herald gardening columnist Tom Atwell
January–February, 2013
A Spring Seed & Planting Primer, in Mother Earth Living, by William Woys Weaver
November 15, 2012: Johnny's Begins 40th Anniversary Celebration
November 13, 2012
Spring Forward: Four Great Seed Sources to Inspire You This Winter, by Meagan Francis, HGTV Gardens Growing Blog
July 11, 2012


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