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Tomatoes: 10 Unsung Heroes

About Our Presenters
Pete ZuckNow in his eighth year as Vegetable Product Manager at Johnny's, Pete Zuck manages many of the fruiting crops, as well as alliums, corn, and potatoes. He is responsible for the product assortment for his assigned crops and for directing the product development goals of our tomato, squash, and onion breeding programs.
Daniel YoderDaniel Yoder is a Vegetable Product Technician on Johnny's Research Team. Daniel coordinates the annual tomato trials, along with numerous other crops at Johnny's Research Farm in Maine, collecting data, analyzing and reporting on results. Daniel is also instrumental in product development and education for numerous crops.

Welcome to the Resources page for our Tomatoes: 10 Unsung Heroes Webinar, a list of educational materials related to the webinar. The webinar has taken place but you can catch up with what we learned by watching the video we recorded of the webinar and the full slide deck!

OVERVIEW: Can tomatoes be unsung heroes? We think so!

Pete Zuck, Product Manager and Daniel Yoder, Trial Technician highlight 10 lesser-known varieties. While they may not enjoy the popularity of many other tomatoes in our lineup, they consistently show outstanding performance on many fronts in our trials — a level of performance that has earned them a following not only with us but among a devoted group of growers as well.

Join Pete and Daniel as they delve into why these tomatoes deserve a closer look.

A Q&A session follows the presentation, with a lively give-and-take in which Pete and Daniel respond to atttendees' questions.

Webinar Resources

Tomatoes: 10 Unsung Heroes • VIDEO
Here is a video of the webinar presentation and Q&A session. The full video runs approximately 1¼ hour. Watch…
Tomatoes: 10 Unsung Heroes Webinar Recap / Slideshow • 34-pp PDF
A downloadable, 34-page printable recap of the Tomatoes: 10 Unsung Heroes Webinar. View…