Take a closer look at beneficial insects, including some of the helpful roles of pollinators and natural enemies of crop pests. Includes a 5-step summary of how to establish a flowering insectary in your garden or on your farm, and a list of further reading, with links, for the curious.
Research and industry experts discuss basil downy mildew, disease management, and tracking, and the latest in breeding innovations, including the new Prospera DMR.
Refer to this list of plant disease resistance codes used by Johnny's to designate common plant and seed-crop pathogens, including the acronyms and type of causal organism, e.g., fungal, bacterial, viral.
An overview of insectary planting options and recommendations for attracting and sustaining a range of beneficial insects on your farmscape or garden beds, with examples and descriptions of useful cover crops, grasses and grains, flowers and herbs, vegetables, trees, and shrubs that provide food and habitat for ecosystem service organisms.
Vegetable gardening experts make their case for planting flowers in among your vegetables and herbs—or vice versa—to improve overall garden health as well as yield.
An overview of the functions and strategies of farmscaping for biological control, with additional resources for planning and funding, from Johnny's Selected Seeds.
An introduction to effective, sustainable pest and disease control through adopting an integrated pest management approach, from Johnny's Selected Seeds. Here are some basics IPM, including the importance of determining economic threshold and action threshold.
Read an overview of the key principles and practices for preventing resistance buildup in pests and pathogens by rotating crops, crop varieties, and controls. Recommendations and guidance from the Research & Trialing team at Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Our Former Education Coordinator provides an overview of strategies to enhance, protect, and support beneficial insects with Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Here's a look at the results of Johnny's R&D basil team's extensive research on Prospera basil in relation to its basil downy mildew resistance.
Late blight (Phytophthora infestans) [Photo: Courtesy of Meg McGrath, Cornell University] occurs commonly each year in many places around the United States and the world. Learn how to recognize late blight. Tips are offered for proper identification of late blight in your garden.
Steps to take when you spot late blight affecting your tomatoes — options for treating, containing an outbreak, and preventing recurrence.