Seed-Starting & Transplanting

Johnny's Paperpot Transplanter

This is the Johnny's Paperpot Transplanter. Designed from the ground up, this commercial grade transplanter is built for ease of operation without compromising performance.

The full steel construction, strong angle iron sleds and rigid frame plows through soil, forming consistent furrows, ready to receive any Paperpot chain.

A distinguishing feature of the transplanter, the eight inch thick angle iron sleds, anchor the plow and form the foundation of the entire frame. At soil surface, these sleds provide a low center of gravity that produces a stable gliding motion in a wide range of soil types.

Developed by Johnny’s and made in the United States, this transplanter includes a number of additional features you are sure to appreciate from the moment you pull it out of the box.

  • The fully collapsing handle lays flat against the transplanter frame when not in use, making your transplanter much more convenient to store.
  • Stainless steel spring pin handle and frame adjustments allow you to set proper handle height and plow depth effortlessly.
  • The curved carry handle can be picked up at any position along the arc for easy portability.
  • Commercial grade welds replace screws and nuts at every possible joint to ensure durability.
  • The entire steel frame weighs in at a very maneuverable 26 lb, making it easy to lift and carry with one hand.

The Johnny's Paperpot Transplanter frame arrives in two pieces and assembles in a matter of minutes. Once assembled, there should be little to no maintenance required beyond periodic cleaning.

The Johnny's Paperpot Transplanter is rigorously tested and 100% guaranteed.

Experience the new standard in professional transplanting performance with the Johnny's Paperpot Transplanter.