Video: 'Hot Streak' : The Vibrant New Striped Tomato | Exclusively from Johnny's

Tomato Product Manager Pete Zuck introduces this sweet and vibrant new striped tomato with the impressive disease package — great for a range of growing conditions and climates.

Hey, there. Pete Zuck, from Johnny's Selected Seeds, Product Manager for tomatoes, and I'm in one of our tunnels in Benton, Maine.

I want to talk about a new tomato called 'Hot Streak'.

'Hot Streak' is recommended for the tunnel, but it has a pretty broad disease package and a nice balanced plant, so that it could work well in the field, as well.

It does have leaf mold resistance; it also has resistance to gray leaf spot (or Stemphylium), which is becoming a big problem for folks; Fusarium race 2; as well as Fusarium crown rot; tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV), which will make it more adaptable to the South; and also, Verticillium and tomato mosaic virus (TMV).

So this is the first time we've ever had a striped, hybrid tomato with really vivid color, nice size, and a really proper, professional disease package and a nice plant.

The fruit are firm; they average about 8 ounces, but they range anywhere from an average slicer size up to kind of a smaller beefsteak-size. So you'll get a bit of a range there, but the one I'm holding here is is pretty much the average.

The flavor is really nice, and I would say it is on the sweeter side.

So 'Hot Streak' is nice and early-maturing; it's going to be a week or more earlier than some of the red varieties you might be familiar with, like 'Geronimo' and 'Bigdena'. It's going to be similar in earliness to something like 'Marbonne' or 'Marnero' — some of the "hy-loom," as we say, varieties that are on the early side.

So it has a nice early flush, but it's a very nice, balanced plant that will continue to produce quality fruit through a good tunnel season.

'Hot Streak' will be offered as an exclusive by Johnny's, and it was bred by Mark McCaslin.

We're excited about this beautiful new tomato, and we hope you give it a try!

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