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Tomato Innovation: Breeding & Trialing for Your Finest Harvest

About Our Presenters
Olivia GaoSihui "Olivia" Gao is Johnny's Tomato and Pepper Breeder. She is responsible for developing new varieties and continuously improving current solanaceae breeding program products. She earned her PhD from Penn State University, where she learned classical plant breeding and worked on tomato late blight resistance before joining Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Daniel YoderDaniel Yoder is a Vegetables Product Technician on Johnny's Research Team. In addition to numerous other crops, Daniel coordinates the annual tomato trials at Johnny’s Research Farm in Maine, collects data and analyzes results, and is also involved in product development and education.

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OVERVIEW: How much work is involved in releasing a new tomato? The process is a journey as we strive to offer tasty new cultivars that will inspire, withstand growing pressures, and position you for your finest harvest!

We invite you to join us as we share some of the behind-the-scenes processes every tomato variety must go through before we select it for our catalog. Using a Johnny's-bred tomato variety, Olivia and Daniel will touch upon how breeding, trialing, and seed production work at Johnny's. They will also discuss the focus of our tomato breeding program, where we conduct product trials and more.

Come along with us for this tomato odyssey and stay for the Q&A session, when our presenters will answer questions from the audience.