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Johnny’s 2020

Grower Profiles

A Few Customers We’d Like You to Meet

Johnny's 2020 catalog is on its way to growers! As customary for over 45 years, we've packed this year's edition with reliable products and information. By way of preview, we'd like to introduce you to a few of the growers whose success, like yours, is what inspires our work and makes it all worthwhile.

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One of things we love best about seed crop breeding, trialing, and production is that it supports a network of individual growers of all walks, that spans the globe. We'd like to introduce you to a few of the growers we have the pleasure to serve, who in turn serve their communities by growing the produce that keeps them vibrant and strong.


The biggest reasons I stick with Johnny's are germination consistency, vegetable quality, and selection. I was first pointed toward Johnny's by my mentor — and now I do the same thing when I mentor newer farmers.
Iowa City, Iowa

"I'm originally from Iowa. But I came back here after walking to my engineering office one morning and realizing I'd rather be walking to a barn! I chose vegetable farming because it took the least amount of start-up capital. My mentor Susan Jutz, an early CSA farmer, pointed me to Johnny's for variety selection and high germination rates. (I start more than 100,000 soil-block transplants a year and can't afford poor germination.) Johnny's also has a consistency of product with a strong history. When I began farming a decade ago, I had 11 CSA members; today I have over 200."


Johnny's has a really good selection of seeds that can stand up to the summer heat and humidity of West Tennessee, which has been vital for our success.
Selmer, Tennessee

"My dad was in the military. So I grew up everywhere — Louisiana, California, Arkansas, Texas — and settled in Tennessee. My wife and I met here and now have six wonderful children. We got the idea we could grow organic produce in our hot, humid climate. Experienced farmers said it was impossible — but we've succeeded. Today we produce year-round lettuce, mixed greens, and other vegetables in open fields, caterpillar tunnels, high tunnels, and greenhouses. We're testing spinach and other cool-weather produce — and offering online courses, consulting, and workshops to help other farmers thrive here. Our goal — with Johnny's help — is to keep pushing the envelope!"


Johnny's customer service and growing information are superb. We've reached out with some pretty technical questions — and spoken with real experts. My wife Lori tells her interns that studying Johnny's seed catalog can teach them invaluable amounts about each crop.
Homer, Alaska

"I started growing tomatoes at age 12 on a tiny lot in suburban Virginia. Lori and I met in 1980 in Georgia, where we ran an early organic farm. After our son fell in love with Alaska, we moved to Homer — a foodie destination — and started our farm. That was in 2012. Today we're a market farm growing high-tunnel vegetables and flowers — especially garlic. Our Johnny's sales rep spent five days here, visiting farms and sharing advice. I thought that was fantastic, as what we're doing is new for Alaska. She really wants to see our farms grow. We also love that Johnny's is employee-owned."


It's pretty cool that Johnny's sent John Navazio, one of their top breeders, to work with us and get input on developing new lines of radicchio seed varieties.
Duvall, Washington

"My wife Siri and I are high school sweethearts. She's from Seattle, and I moved here from Boston as a kid. We started farming because Siri wanted to do something that gave back to the wellbeing of other people. So I quit my job as an attorney and joined in. Today we're a 15-acre organic vegetable farm. Radicchio is our signature crop. (We're probably one of the larger radicchio growers in the Pacific Northwest.) We really like Johnny's organic assortment. A lot of their seeds are selected for small growers with traits that are tailored to our scale."


The quality of Johnny's customer service is excellent. I like calling person-to-person. I also look at the website sometimes. And I've never had a bad customer experience!
Jacoby Creek, Californa

"I'm from Michigan originally. I started gardening in a community plot in Ann Arbor while I was at the university there — and got hooked! I found an apprenticeship in Saratoga, California, worked at various community gardens, helped shape the fifth CSA farm program in the country, and started my own farm in 1998. Today we have five acres of vegetables, flowers, and herbs and sell them through CSAs, a farm stand, and a restaurant. I've been ordering from Johnny's for 40 years. I like their seed quality — and their focus on small- to medium-size growers is just right for me."


We buy most of our seeds from Johnny's, including nearly 36 varieties of microgreens. They seem to give our specialty 'Petite Edibles' blends — Spicy, Tex-Mex, Mediterranean, Citrus, etc. — more vigorous flavor than others'.
Westport & Easton, Connecticut

"I'm the fourth-generation Gilbertie around here. And we've been at it for 97 years! Today we're the largest organic herb plant grower on the East Coast, with a garden center in Westport and a wholesale farm in Easton. Johnny's great selection of organic seed heirloom tomatoes gives us an opportunity to use one vendor. Also, their service is sensational — it literally blows everyone else away. With other seed companies, delivery takes 5–10 days. If I order by 1:30 p.m. from Johnny's, they come the next day. This lets us do just-in-time delivery, which is better for our cash flow."