Video: 'Sonja' & 'Soraya' Branching Sunflowers

Johnny's Flower Product Manager, Hillary Alger details the features of 'Sonja' & 'Soraya,' two branching sunflower varieties that perform beautifully in the cut-flower production plan or cutting garden.

  • Plant naturally branches strongly from base
  • Early bloomer
  • Easy-to-harvest, sturdy upright stems
  • Compact, versatile apricot bloom heads
  • Supports pollinating species
  • Sturdy upright stems
  • Good vase life
  • Plant naturally branches strongly from base
  • 'Sonja's big sister — blossom heads slightly bigger but still nice and small!
  • Blooms a bit later than 'Sonja'
  • Orange petals with a chocolate brown center
  • Super easy to use in blooms in bouquets
  • Minimal pollen
  • Thick, sturdy stems
  • All-America Selection Winner