ProCut Horizon® Sunflower Variety

I'm here today in our sunflower trial, and I'm here to talk about one of our favorite ProCut® varieties. This is ProCut® 'Horizon'.

This is a variety that hopefully you can see from these blooms is the really kind of classic traditional sunflower color combination with these bright orange ray petals surrounding a dark disc.

This is a variety that's a little bit on the earlier side for the ProCut series and for sunflowers in general. Typically flowering 50 to 55 days from seeding for us in our trials. It's fast, early, and with a classic appearance.

Some of the things that really stood out to us in trial for this variety was the uniformity of the blooms, both in the uniformity of timing of bloom across the plot and then the uniformity of the bloom size as well.

Hopefully you can see from these blooms right here, they have a nice compact shape. The ray petals tend to be, compared to a variety like ProCut Orange, a little bit smaller at the same spacing. If you're used to growing ProCut Orange, you can expect these blooms to probably be a little bit smaller.

They also have a densely packed layer of ray petals around the blooms and have a nice, compact, refined appearance to them. We've found them to be very uniform in their bloom time. They also tend to be a little bit taller with slightly thinner stems for us than the ProCut Orange.

You can see this is ProCut Horizon here behind me. You can see these are nice tall plants but also a little bit thinner stems, but still strong and sturdy enough to support these blooms. Well-balanced in terms of stem strength and bloom size, and overall a nice early uniform option in a kind of the classic traditional sunflower look.