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“  I'm delighted with the Johnny's Selected Seeds–Slow Flowers partnership. Our efforts to promote flower growing will foster more awareness of the incredible variety and huge rewards that come from growing cut flowers from seed. Having an employee-owned company like Johnny's that provides our industry the best flower, herb, and vegetable seeds — for farms large and small and even backyard cutting gardens like mine — is a win-win. Together, I believe we provide valuable, inspiring information about new and proven flower varieties, useful growing and harvesting techniques, and successful stories of the people involved in the Slow Flowers Community.  ”

SlowFlowers.com is a free online directory to North American cut flowers and the farms, shops, studios, and designers who supply them. Founded in 2013, SlowFlowers.com has over 700 members representing all facets of the flower industry — farmers, wholesalers, retailers, florists, and online sellers across the continent.

Johnny's is pleased to be partnering with Debra Prinzing, award-winning author, speaker, Slow Flowers founder, and tireless advocate for the local flower movement. With Debra's creative assistance, we are publishing a series of articles focusing on success with cut flowers.

Listed below are links to interviews, narratives, and how-to's borne of our partnership, rich with imagery and practical examples, to offer ideas and encouragement as you plan, dig into, and expand your own flower-farming aspirations. We hope they help you achieve floricultural success.

Wherever you grow, we invite you to enjoy these articles and thank you for participating in the Slow Flowers community.

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Check back to catch up on the latest, as we continue to create additional articles in the coming months!