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Pepper Picks: Bells & Jalapeños

About Our Presenters
Steve BellaviaSteve Bellavia has worked for Johnny's for 30 years, 4 in the sales department and the remainder devoted to conducting vegetable research on the farm. As a Product Manager, Steve oversees our pepper program as well as most of our heading brassicas, rutabaga, parsnips, and other less common root vegetables. He is responsible for managing our assortment of these crops.
Nate Gorlin-CrenshawNate Gorlin-Crenshaw is a Product Trial Technician at Johnny's, managing variety selection trials for peppers, cucumbers, and a range of other crops, collecting data, and analyzing results, and is also involved in product development and education.

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OVERVIEW: We offer a sizeable selection of peppers. So, how do you choose from so many promising varieties? Join Steve and Nate as they delve into our assortment, emphasizing two of our larger pepper categories, green-to-red bell peppers and jalapeños.

The varieties within these groups possess the characteristics we look for when adding to our pepper lineup: good eating quality, adaptability, and high-yielding plants that are easy to grow. Our research has identified varieties that perform better in different settings and against various pressures.

We aim to explore these pepper groups in detail to help make your selection process easier this season!

Our peppers team conducts seed variety trials at our research farm in Maine and regional locations, including Georgia, Florida, and California, to ensure we have the best varieties for each growing area. As a result, we offer an increasing number of bells and jalapeños with regional adaptability and improved disease resistance, including quite a few varieties from our breeding program.

A Q&A session follows the presentation, where Steve and Nate answer questions from the audience.

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