Webinar: Fundamentals of Cucumber Grafting

Fundamentals of Cucumber Grafting

About Our Presenter
Nate Gorlin-CrenshawNate Gorlin-Crenshaw is a Product Trial Technician at Johnny's, managing variety selection trials for cucumbers and a range of other crops, collecting data, and analyzing results, and is also involved in product development and education.

Welcome to the Learning Resources page for our webinar on the Fundamentals of Cucumber Grafting. The webinar has taken place, but you can view a recording of the full presentation from this page, as well as the slide deck. Below you can also browse further reference materials from Johnny's Research & Development Team, to help guide you to success with grafting cucumbers.

OVERVIEW: Have you ever considered grafting cucumbers? Grafting the tops of more tender cucumber varieties onto a rootstock variety with a more resilient, vigorous root system is a practical method for growers to maximize their production potential, particularly in the early season.

Johnny's Cucumber Trialing Technician, Nate Gorlin-Crenshaw introduces the fundamentals of top-grafting cucumber plants and outlines the benefits of incorporating grafted plants into your growing system.

Learn the key aspects of top-grafting cucumbers for small-scale production, so you can start with solid know-how and reliable materials!

The presentation runs approximately 45 minutes, followed by a 20-minute Q&A session.

Resources for Our Cucumber Grafting Webinar

Learning Resources for Cucumber Grafting

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Top-Grafting Cucumbers • Demonstration • VIDEO
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