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Top-Performing Pumpkins for the Market Garden

About Our Presenters
Pete ZuckNow in his eighth year as Vegetable Product Manager at Johnny's, Pete Zuck works in close collaboration with the Research and Breeding teams to select the pumpkin varieties offered by Johnny's and determine the direction of the breeding program.
Nate Gorlin-CrenshawAs Product Technician at Johnny's Nate Gorlin–Crenshaw manages variety trials for a range of crops that includes pumpkins, winter squash, and cucumbers. Nate works in parallel with members of Johnny's Breeding team at the research farm in Maine.
Ken FineWith a background in diversified market farming dating back 40 years, Ken Fine is a former Johnny's Commercial Sales Representative for the Northern Midwest and Great Lakes Region.

Welcome to the Resources page for our Top-Performing Pumpkin Webinar, a list of educational materials covering "how we make pumpkins here," plus comparison tools and guidance for determining which varieties will perform best for your unique needs and preferences.

OVERVIEW: Johnny's Pumpkin Product Manager Pete Zuck introduces you to his work, offering some history on Johnny's pumpkin breeding program, touching on the evolution of the pumpkin product line, and defining characteristics that make a great pumpkin stand out from all the pretty good ones.

Pete reviews Johnny's top-10 best pumpkin varieties, highlighting key features, making product comparisons, and identifying target markets, with an added dash of lore on how these varieties got where they are today in the overall assortment rationale, plus tips on matching your geographic location, market needs, and personal preferences to desirable characteristics.

The presentation is followed by a Q&A session in which Pete is joined by Product Technician Nate Gorlin–Crenshaw and former Commercial Sales Rep Ken Fine.

Top-Performing Pumpkins Webinar Resources

Top-Performing Pumpkins for the Market Garden • VIDEO
Here is a video of the webinar presentation and Q&A session. The full video runs approximately 1 hour. Watch…
Top-Performing Pumpkins Webinar Recap / Slideshow • 16-pp PDF
A downloadable, 16-pp printable recap of the Top-Performing Pumpkins Webinar. View…

Additional Learning Resources about Johnny's Pumpkins

Pumpkins | Key Growing Information
Written by our research team, this reference contains the essential information for growing pumpkins. Read More…
Pumpkin Production | Technical Guide (PDF)
Follow these guidelines for optimal success. Includes instructions for all stages of pumpkin production, from site selection, sowing, transplanting, and spacing, to flowering, pollination, fruit production, harvest, and curing. Blossom harvest is additionally discussed, as are preventive and control measures for common pests and diseases of pumpkins. Read More…
Specialty Pumpkin Varieties | Comparison Chart (PDF)
Quickly compare vine length, weight, disease resistance, and other key distinguishing features for the top varieties in our specialty pumpkin assortment. Our research team created this chart to help growers find the perfect specialty varieties. Read More…
Jack-o'-Lantern Pumpkin Varieties | Comparison Chart (PDF)
Quickly compare average fruits per plant, weight, disease resistance, and other key distinguishing features for the top varieties in our jack-o-lantern pumpkin assortment. Our research team created this chart to help growers find the perfect Jack. Read More…
Pie Pumpkin Varieties | Comparison Chart (PDF)
Use our Pie Pumpkins Comparison Chart to compare variety features, including species, disease resistance, days to maturity, average weight, vine length, fruits/plant, and in-row spacing. Read More…
White Pumpkin Varieties | Comparison Chart (PDF)
This comparison chart details features of Johnny's white pumpkin selection, including part #, variety, genus/species, days to maturity, weight range, average number of fruits per plant, recommended in-row spacing, and vine length features. Read More…
Johnny's Pumpkin Types & Varieties | Printable 4-pp Brochure (PDF)
A compendium of types and varieties of pumpkins from Johnny's Selected Seeds in a convenient, downloadable, printable 4-pp brochure. Read More…
How to Choose Fall Cucurbits | Edible, Ornamental & Dual-Purpose Pumpkins, Squash & Gourds
Here at Johnny's, cucurbits are a specialty — some strictly ornamental, some strictly edible, and many that serve both purposes. We offer dozens of varieties of "fall" cucurbits, and to help you narrow the field to varieties that will work well for your operation, we propose 3 major considerations: whether and where you will sell them; where you will grow them; and how you will store them. Read More…