A medly of vegetables and herbs

New for 2024: Veggies & Herbs

About Our Presenters
Brenna ChaseBrenna Chase is the Product Manager for leafy greens at Johnny's—including lettuce, kale, collards, Swiss chard, spinach, chicory, and baby leaf greens. She also manages other crops, including carrots and microgreens. She is responsible for managing the product assortment for these crops as well as overseeing the product development targets of Johnny's carrot, Swiss chard, and greens breeding programs.
Camille SuderCamille Suder moved to Product Management after working with farmers on the Commercial Sales Team at Johnny's. She manages storage crops, including winter squash, alliums, and potatoes, as well as berry fruit crops. Camille is responsible for the product assortment for her assigned crops and for directing the product development goals of our winter squash, pumpkin, and onion breeding programs.
Hillary AlgerHillary Alger has over 12 years of experience on our research team. She is currently the Product Manager for flowers and herbs. She works with our product technician team to manage and continually improve our product offering.
Pete ZuckPete Zuck has been a Product Manager with Johnny’s for more than 10 years. He manages many of the fruiting crops, as well as beans, corn, and farm seed. He is responsible for selecting the product assortment for his assigned crops, and also for directing the product development goals of our tomato and summer squash breeding programs.
Steve BellaviaSteve Bellavia has worked for Johnny’s for 30 years. Four of those years were in the sales department, and the rest have been devoted to the farm conducting vegetable research. As a Product Manager, he oversees our peppers program, most of the heading brassicas, rutabagas, parsnips, and minor root vegetables. He is responsible for managing the assortments of these crops.

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OVERVIEW: We're excited to share new inspirations and solutions for the 2024 growing season with you! Join our Product Managers as they present an assortment of the latest additions to our lineup.

Every year, work on our catalog starts with seeds in the ground for our rigorous trialing program. This work occurs on our research farm in Maine and the farms of growing partners across the country. This season, on our farm alone, our product team planted and evaluated 3,396 varieties across more than 9 miles of trial beds to ensure we select and offer only the best. We bolster our selection process by talking to farmers and gardeners year-round to understand better what they are facing, what has worked, and what they need new solutions for.

Learn why we selected these standouts above so many others and why we hope you'll be giving them a try in the upcoming season!

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