New-for-2023 Vegetables & Herbs from Johnny's

New for 2023:   Vegetables & Herbs

Top, L to R: 'Mochi' Cherry Tomato, 'Volcana' Bibb Lettuce, 'Glow Stix Sunrise Mix' Carrot, 'Night Shift' Acorn Squash, 'Olly' Sweet Bell Pepper
Bottom, L to R: 'Sashimi' Asian Cucumber, 'Marmalade' Kabocha Squash, 'Prospera® Red DMR' Basil, 'The Boss' Jack-o'-Lantern, 'Menuette' Fern-leaf Parsley
About Our Presenters
Pete ZuckPete Zuck has been a Product Manager with Johnny's for over 9 years. He manages many of the fruiting crops, as well as alliums, corn, and potatoes. He is responsible for the product assortment for his assigned crops and for directing the product development goals of our tomato, squash, and onion breeding programs.
Brenna ChaseBrenna Chase is a Product Manager at Johnny's Selected Seeds for a range of crops that include lettuce, greens, chard, kale, carrots, beans, and peas. Before coming to Johnny's as a breeding technician in 2015, she farmed commercially for about 15 years, managing multiple diversified farm operations.
Steve BellaviaSteve Bellavia has worked for Johnny's for 29 years, 4 in the sales department and the remainder devoted to conducting vegetable research on the farm. As a Product Manager, Steve oversees our pepper program as well as most of our heading brassicas, rutabaga, parsnips, and other less common root vegetables. He is responsible for managing our assortment of these crops.
Hillary AlgerHillary Alger has over 15 years' experience on our research team. She is currently the Product Manager for several crops, including flowers, herbs, and microgreens. Hillary works with our product technician team to manage and continually improve our product offering.

Welcome to the Learning Resources page for our New-for-2023 Webinar, where you can view a video of the full webinar and access additional materials to catch up on what's new in Vegetables & Herbs at Johnny's for the 2023 growing season.

DATE: Tuesday, December 20, 2022

TIME: 2pm ET

OVERVIEW: Bold new flavors and textures, vibrant colors, improved resistance to pressures: Want an inside peek at a collection of our new vegetables and herbs? Join Product Managers Pete, Brenna, Steve, and Hillary as they present key characteristics of the varieties we're most excited to share with you for 2023.

We could never provide all the information we acquire about our selections in their condensed catalog and webpage descriptions! Which is why we're eager to share some of the more useful — and fascinating — details about our new products. Learn why we selected these standouts above so many other varieties, and why we hope you'll be giving them a try in the upcoming season!

A Q&A session follows the presentation.

Resources for New-for-2023 Vegetables & Herbs

New-for-2023 Vegetables & Herbs • Webinar • VIDEO
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New-for-2023 Vegetables & Herbs Webinar Recap / Slideshow • 47-pp PDF
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