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Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
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No more kneeling, no more knives or scissors. One person can easily cut over 175 pounds per hour. Powered by a cordless drill, the harvester's 15"-long, fixed and moving serrated blades make a smooth, clean cut. Learn more about the Quick-Cut Greens Harvester »

Hatfield Transplanter • Demo
Watch a demonstration of our Hatfield Transplanter
Applies to: Transplanters

How to Plant Sweet Potatoes
Watch this quick tutorial for planting sweet potatoes using a dibble and plastic mulch.
Applies to: Sweet Potatoes

Tilther • Demo
Prepare perfect seedbeds with this lightweight tiller
Applies to: Tilther

How to Use the Collinear Hoe
Johnny's Collinear Hoe is demonstrated by Eliot Coleman
Applies to: Hoes

TubTrugs® • Demo
One of the most versatile tools ever!
Applies to: Harvest Tools

Flame Weeder • Demo
Create stale planting beds & practice nontoxic weed control
Applies to: Flame Weeder

How to Prune Trellised Cucumbers
Correctly prune your cucumbers for optimal quality & yield.
Applies to: Cucumbers

How to Control Tomato Hornworms
Hornworms can devastate your tomato crop. Stop them before they establish themselves and wreak havoc on your crops!
Applies to: Tomatoes

Soil-Block Makers • Demo
Make your own seed-starting blocks with these easy-to-use tools.
Applies to: Soil Block Makers

Johnny's Broadforks • Demo
Deeply aerate the soil without disturbing the soil structure
Applies to: Broadforks

Johnny's Quick Hoops™ Low Tunnels Bender
Build your own low tunnels using 1/2-inch electrical conduit.
Applies to: Quick Hoops™ Low Tunnels

Greens Harvester • Efficient Lettuce Harvesting
Watch the Greens Harvester in action
Applies to: Greens Harvesters

Benefits of Using Row Cover
Advantages, uses, and options for row cover
Applies to: Row Cover

Treating Cucurbits with Surround, Entrust & Golden Oil
Control cucumber beetles and help minimize transplant shock.
Applies to: Pest and Disease Controls

Glaser Wheel Hoe • Demo
A quick demonstration of the Glaser Wheel Hoe
Applies to: Glaser Wheel Hoe

EarthWay Vegetable Seeder • Demo
Watch the sturdy, multiuse EarthWay in action
Applies to: EarthWay®

Season Extension • Intro to Hoophouse Advantages & Options
Hoophouses offer a grower several advantages — here are the basics.
Applies to: Season Extension Supplies

Preventing & Treating Late Blight
Measures for preventing and treating late blight, preventing spread and recurrence
Applies to: Pest and Disease Controls

Edible Flowers
An overview of Johnny's edible flowers

About Johnny's
An overview of Johnny's philosophy and history, with Rob Johnston, Jr., Eliot Coleman, customers, and employees

How to Graft Greenhouse Tomatoes
Courtesy of University of Vermont
Applies to: Rootstock

Salanova® Lettuce • Growing, Preparing & Marketing
Salanova: The Newest Innovation in Salad Mix
Applies to: Salanova® Lettuce

Duratool Support System • Demo
The Duratool Taper (formerly known as the "Ty'mup") makes securing plants to supports quick and convenient. Perfect for tomatoes, peppers, and any other trellised crops.
Applies to: Duratool

Four-Row Pinpoint Seeder • Demo
Demonstration of our 4-Row Pinpoint Seeder, an excellent tool for planting in greenhouses and other precisely defined spaces.

Mechanical Design & Development of the Quick-Cut Greens Harvester
Watch this closeup footage of the Quick-Cut Greens Harvester mechanism, and hear what this tool's designers and developers have to say!
Applies to: Greens Harvester

Vacuum Seeding & Growing Transplants at Sweet Land Farm
Courtesy Cornell University Small Farms Program
Applies to: Hand-Held

Hand-Pollinating Peppers at Johnny's Research Farm
Watch how we apply traditional pollination methods in our pepper breeding program.
Applies to: Peppers

Ladybug Distribution in a Screened Greenhouse
Demonstration of ladybug distribution in a screened greenhouse.

'Zephyr' Summer Squash • How & When to Harvest
Learn to recognize when and how to harvest this distinctively patterned, delicious, highly productive summer squash, from the experts at Johnny's Research Farm.
Applies to: Yellow Summer Squash

Lower & Lean • An Intro to Greenhouse Rollerhook Trellising
Lower & lean your vines in the greenhouse — string trellising made easy using Johnny's Rollerhook.
Applies to: Greenhouse Cucumbers

Galia-Type Tropical Melons • Harvesting at Slip Stage
How to tell when your Galia Tropicals are ready to slip off the vine
Applies to: Galia Melons (Tropical)

'Sun Jewel' Elongated Specialty Melon • Harvesting Tips
How to tell when your 'Sun Jewels' are perfectly ready to slip off the vine

Take a Virtual Tour of Our Trialing Greenhouses!
Johnny's greenhouse trials vining-crop expert Andrew Mefferd leads you on a quick tour of our greenhouse trials. Come have a look at what we've got growing at our research trialing farm!

Micro Greens • Correct Seeding Density & Yield
Tips for Optimal Micro Greens Production from Johnny's Selected Seeds
Applies to: Micro Greens

About Pelleted Seed
Learn more about the advantages of using pelleting seed.

'Clementine' • The tangerine-colored, organic cocktail tomato from Johnny's Breeding Team
Emily Haga, Johnny's Tomato & Lettuce Breeder, discusses flavor, texture, color, size, and shape of 'Clementine,' the criteria for which she and Johnny's breeding team selected in developing our recently released orange cocktail tomato.

Johnny's Greenhouse Peppers • How to Select the Top-Performing Varieties
How to select greenhouse pepper varieties for best success
Applies to: Greenhouse Peppers

'Lilly' Crenshaw Melon • Harvest at Half-Slip Peak Flavor
How to tell when your 'Lilly' Crenshaws are at peak harvest readiness
Applies to: Crenshaw Melons

'Sapomiel' Piel de Sapo Melon • How & When to Harvest for Peak Quality
How to tell when it's time to harvest, and how to cut your Sapomiel fruit from the vine at just the right time
Applies to: Piel de Sapo Melons

'Lambkin' Piel de Sapo Melon • Tips for Harvesting
An overview of signs of ripeness in the field and harvesting options
Applies to: Piel de Sapo Melons

Jang JP1 Clean Seeder • Getting Started
An overview of anatomy & parts for optimal seeding ease & efficiency
Applies to: Jang JP-1

Johnny's Greenhouse Eggplants
A quick peek at Johnny's recent greenhouse additions
Applies to: Greenhouse Eggplants

Johnny's Season Extension & Overwintering Trials
Steve Rodrigue focuses on our favorite chicory varieties in this overview of a recent season extension trial at Johnny's Research Farm.
Applies to: Chicory

Artisan Tomatoes™ • Small Fruit, Superior Flavor, Distinctive Look
Tomato expert Andrew Mefferd discusses the Artisan tomato lineage and features
Applies to: Artisan Tomatoes™

Tomatoes • Side-Grafting Overview
Andrew Mefferd, greenhouse tomato expert, shows how to side-graft tomatoes
Applies to: Grafted Tomato Plants

Charentais-type French Melons • Determining when they're ready to harvest
Determining when Charentais-type French melons are ripe
Applies to: French Melons (Charentais)

How to Prune Greenhouse Tomatoes
Greenhouse fruiting crop expert Andrew Mefferd demonstrates how and why to prune greenhouse tomato plants
Applies to: Greenhouse Tomatoes

Why Johnny's?
It takes a special group of people to get excited about seeds — Learn how the work we at do Johnny's helps you to grow.

Plant Breeding at Johnny's Selected Seeds
Learn how Johnny's classical plant breeding program brings new vegetables to life.

Customer Service at Johnny's Selected Seeds
We're here to serve — learn about our award-winning customer support!

'Cherry Bomb' • An Exceptional JSS-Bred Cherry X Grape Tomato
The story behind our 'Cherry Bomb' cherry tomato
Applies to: Cherry Tomatoes

Cut Flowers • How to Build a Bouquet
Design tutorial for professional-quality bouquets

Beneficial Insects • Strategies to Protect & Enhance Populations
An overview of beneficial insects, with Johnny's Education Coordinator, Eric Venturini

Micro Greens • Yield Trial
Determine quantity of seed to plant & projected yield
Applies to: Micro Greens

Johnny's Trialing Program
The story of Johnny's Trialing Program

Sunflowers • Planning, Spacing & Sequencing Your Plantings
Advice on Planning & Sequencing Your Sunflower Production
Applies to: Sunflowers

Johnny's Seedbed Roller & Row Markers • Demo
A short clip demonstrating how row markers function on our seedbed roller.
Applies to: Seedbed Roller

Staple Setter™ • Secure Landscape Fabric Quickly & Easily
A short clip demonstrating Johnny's Staple Setter™
Applies to: Mulches and Landscape Fabric

Tillie • The Revolutionary Electric Tiller & Mini Farmscaper
Easily & quickly till rows & create raised beds with Tillie
Applies to: Tillers

Tine Weeding Rake • Demo
Quick demonstration of Johnny's Tine Weeding Rakes
Applies to: Hand Tools

Tine Weeding Rake • Demo by Jack Algiere
Four Season Farm Director Demonstrates the Tine Weeding Rake at Stone Barn Farms
Applies to: Hand Tools

Blackberry • 'Prime-Ark® Freedom' Thornless Primocane-Fruiting
Dr. John R. Clark, expert fruit breeder, with an overview of the University of Arkansas's 'Prime-Ark Freedom'
Applies to: Blackberry Bare-Root Plants

Open-Heart Romaine • 'Auvona' Lettuce
A comparison of leaf shape and dimension between traditional and open-heart Romaine lettuces
Applies to: Romaine Lettuce (Cos)

Micro Greens • Production Tips, Techniques & ROI Analysis
With Thomas Macy, U Maine Sustainable Ag graduate & Johnny's Grower Information Specialist
Applies to: Micro Greens

CoolBot • Installation Instructions
With Ron Khosla, CoolBot Inventor

Recipe • Miso-Glazed Kabocha Squash
Quick & easy way to celebrate the last weeks of winter
Applies to: Kabocha Squash

'Eleonora' Basil • Downy-Mildew Resistant Variety
First basil variety bred for intermediate resistance to basil downy mildew
Applies to: Basil

Manual Mulch Layer • Demo
Small-scale Bed Prep Tools for Smaller Growers & Home Gardeners
Applies to: Mulches and Landscape Fabric

Pea Breeding • Calvin Lamborn
Learn more about Dr. Lamborn's wonderful improvements in pea breeding
Applies to: Peas

Mason Jar Bouquet • Quick Tutorial
A favorite weekly ritual at Johnny's Research Farm
Applies to: Stock

Four-Row Cultivator Weeder • Demo
Fast & easy weeding between rows made with a 4-row or 6-row seeder
Applies to: Hand Tools

How to Build a Caterpillar Tunnel Using Johnny's Quick Hoops™ Bender
Photographs of a caterpillar tunnel under construction at Johnny's Selected Seeds Research Farm
Applies to: Season Extenders Quick Hoops™ High Tunnels

Johnny's Long-Handled Tools
A look at the design and use of our long-handled tools - essential to every grower
Applies to: Long-Handled Tools


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