Johnny's R&D melon expert Steve Bellavia explains how to tell when your 'Lambkin' Piel de Sapo melon is nearing harvest readiness, plus a couple of harvesting options to suit your needs and preferences.
An introduction to the Jang JP-1 Clean Seeder, with an overview of seeder anatomy, accessories, and rollers for optimal seeding singulation, ease, and efficiency.
A quick look at the outstanding eggplant varieties we've trialed and selected for greenhouse production, because they outperformed all the rest in the protected-culture setting.
Join former Trial Technician Steve Rodrigue in a review of a recent season extension trial, conducted here at Johnny's Research Farm in Central Maine. This review focuses on a number of chicory and spinach varieties available from Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Tomato trialing expert Andrew Mefferd provides an overview of the distinctive qualities of the unique Artisan Tomatoes from Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Johnny's melon expert, Steve Bellavia demonstrates how to tell when your Charentais-type French melons are ready to be harvested from the field.
Fruiting greenhouse crop pro Andrew Mefferd offers simple instructions for pruning greenhouse tomatoes and explains why pruning is worthwhile.
There's more than meets the eye when one of our seeds meets the soil — classical plant breeding; rigorous trialing; reliable germination; uniformity in the field; dependable yield; commitment to sustainable and organic agriculture; detailed growing information. Learn how the success you achieve from planting our seeds makes all our work worthwhile!
Learn more about our classical plant breeding program, and how the award-winning vegetable varieties are created and brought to life at Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Johnny's small diversified farming and avid home-gardening customers add their voices to those of call center and quality assurance staff, to share their views on the commitment behind Johnny's award-winning customer service.
Here's the story behind the development of 'Cherry Bomb,' our late-blight-resistant, JSS-bred cherry x grape tomato for organic field production.
Hillary Alger, Flower Product Manager at Johnny's, presents a tutorial for designing a simple, professional-quality bouquet with focal, spike, and filler flowers.