'Dream Touch' Double Late Flowering Tulip

A closer look at 'Dream Touch' tulip from Johnny's

I'm here in our tulip trial in front of 'Dream Touch'.

This is another really nice purply variety, double flowering, with multiple layers of petals inside these blooms. It's blooming here right next to 'Drumline'. I wanted to make a comparison between these two varieties and I explain some of the differences. 'Dream Touch' opens a little bit later and is a little bit shorter than 'Drumline'.

The bloom size is similar between the two varieties, but 'Dream Touch' does tend to open up a little bit wider. You can also hopefully see from the video the color on 'Dream Touch' is a little bit of a darker plum color. It also does have some white edging around the edges of the petals similar to 'Drumline', but it's a bit more subtle and overall has a little bit more of a refined look to it.

As a comparison between the two blooms, again, you can see here is 'Dream Touch', here is 'Drumline' and they're both nice double flowering options in the rose and cherry tones.

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