'Menton' Single Late-Flowering Tulip

A closer look at 'Menton' tulip from Johnny's

We're at the end of our tulip trial. So I'm talking today about some of our later flowering varieties. This variety in front of me is called 'Menton'.

'Menton' is a single late tulip. So these are single flowering plants. And they're also known as French tulips or May flowering tulips. They, again, tend to flower later in the season.

They're large, single blooms. They typically have that classic tulip shape and this particular variety has a beautiful coral pink color. As the blooms mature, that color deepens to a little bit of rose on the paddle edges and kind of a nice combination of that coral pink and orange shade. So this is a really nice option if you're looking for something to extend your tulip season or to have in the garden as as the tulip season winds down.

So again, this is 'Menton'. It's a single late flowering tulip variety and a really beautiful classic tulip look.

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