'Amazing Parrot' Apricot-Colored Parrot Tulip

A closer look at 'Amazing Parrot' tulip from Johnny's

I'm here in our tulip trial talking about some of our parrot varieties.This variety in front of me is 'Amazing Parrot'.

This is a later flowering parrot tulip. It's typically one of the last to flower of the parrots in our trial. But it's a really good way to end the tulip season.

The colors on these blooms are just incredible. When they open, the buds start out green with a little bit of rose on the pedal edges. And then as they continue to unfold, you can see the interior of the blooms takes on a really beautiful, peachy orange tone, which pairs really nicely with the rose coloring that continues to develop on the petals.

The blooms are semi double.So you can see there's a few layers of petals on these blooms.

And another thing that's nice about this variety is that it sits on these nice, kind of stocky, sturdy stems. These do a good job of holding the blooms nice and upright. One thing, though, too, that we have noticed about this variety, although the stems are nice and stiff and sturdy, sometimes they have a tendency to snap a little bit when we're processing them. So you might want to take care with this variety in that respect, but otherwise, again, really nice sturdy stems hold the blooms upright and just a gorgeous color range on this variety.

And again, this is 'Amazing Parrot', a later flowering parrot variety. And one of my favorites.

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