'Drumline' Double Late Flowering Tulip

A closer look at 'Drumline' tulip from Johnny's

I'm here an hour to trial in front of 'Drumline'.

This is a really interesting variety for a couple of reasons. You can see how tall the plot is. You can also hopefully see how uniform the blooms are, this variety. These aren't the largest double flowering blooms, but they're really uniform and still have multiple layers of petals inside the blooms.

They also sit on top of these purple-colored stems, which adds an interesting color contrast with the blooms. You can also see the way the buds form. They're these kind of nice, full, rosy pink buds. You can tell just from like from looking at it that it's going to open into something really special.

You can see that the the buds are kind of more of a rosy pink. Then as the flower develops, it darkens into this really nice cherry red color. There's a little bit of white around the petal edges for a really kind of a dramatic contrast. Between that and the purple stems and the height on this variety, it's really unique and interesting.

It's been a really fun one to have in our assortment.

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